Ted Ligety Makes a Comeback in Giant Slalom

Amy Robach on the big news from the slopes in Sochi.
3:00 | 02/19/14

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Transcript for Ted Ligety Makes a Comeback in Giant Slalom
It has, robin. Good morning to you. Great news for Ted ligety who came back from two very hard losses to rain supreme in the giant slalom capturing the gold. This morning American alpine great Ted ligety winning gold in the giant slalom taking home the second olympic gold medal of his career. Bode miller coming up short after tweaking his knee in his first run sidelining for the remainder of the sochi games. On the halfpipe a soaring and spectacular feat. David wise has won gold. Reporter: Amidst heavy snow and slush, American favorite David wise, a 23-year-old youth pastor who met his wife at church camp capturing gold in the brand-new event ski halfpipe even after this. Plan for olympics -- Reporter: On his second run he slammed hard on the deck but it wasn't enough to detract from this epic move. The right side double cork 12. Reporter: The right side double cork 1260 with skis crouched this high-flying move consists of two big air flips and 3 1/2 complete Ros. It's 1260 degrees of head-flipping spin. The illustration of greatness. Reporter: Arounded with a cutout of their daughter's face, his wife Lexi cheering him on from the crowd. Team usa wins. Reporter: And in just hours, team usa's men's hockey team fresh off of two thrilling ws this weekend will take on the Czech Republic in a quarterfinal showdown. Incredible. Reporter: On team usa's women's bobsled team Lauryn Williams and Alana Meyers also chasing gold. Williams, an olympic sprint champion rocketing the pair into an early first place lead Tuesday and hoping to make history as the first American woman ever to medal in the summer and winter games, the second round of that event coming up in just a few hours. Now to the latest news as we just saw American David wise came down with the gold in the first ever men's ski halfpipe. We learn that he had a very special good luck charm with him as he made those incredible sky high moves, take a look at this instagram photo he posted. He had a heart shaped stone in his pocket given to him by his wife Alexandra. Wise always brings his wife a heart shape stone home and this time she muggled in one for him and it looks like it work. The women's U.S. Hockey team takes the ice tomorrow in the gold medal game versus the Canadians, the fourth time in the last five olympics that these two rivals have faced off in the most important match of all and guess what, Canada has bested the U.S. In every olympic tournament since 1998 but this season, the Americans have the edge. Taking four out of seven games, U.S. Star Amanda kessal says "Crazy to think that the gold medal game is tomorrow. A lifetime of work about to be poured into a 60-minute game." Lots of pressure but I think they can do it. We are looking forward to that tomorrow. Okay, Amy, thank you. Going to get an update on the medal count. Boy, usa adding to it. Look, Ted ligety, that is history for Ted but with all due respect to Ted, let's get the wheaties box ready for David wise or maybe a hallmark card. That was a remarkable thing. Taking a look then at our updated standings and there they are, the U.S. Now moving again into a tie with the host nation of Russia. 21over all medals each pulling ahead perhaps in the all-important gold medal category. We have seven and, again, trailing in their wake, Netherlands, Norway and Canada and speaking of the U.S. And Canada, guys, that usa/canada gold medal match in women's hockey, buckle up for that. A lot of great action on the ice, both the hockey and figure skating still to come. I cannot wait? Good times. Let's talk more about it with Julie foudy covering the olympics. All about Ted ligety, so dominant. So dominant because he had come into this olympics as the reigning world champion in three events. He had finished 12th, George, he had finished 14th and he finally got that gold medal and I think it's because the winner actually came back to the winter olympics and talked about the snow being good again. It's cold. This at the got a lot of snow last night and bode miller in perhaps his final olympic event not finishing on the medal podium but he had said, I chose the wrong equipment today. Yeah, he had been struggling before with injuries in the past. Although he's to five olympics so far so you think this is it for him? You know, I spoke to him yesterday and he said I feel good still. I feel like I'm on the top of my game. This may be my last olympics but I still feel like I can compete. He said I might have another year in me. You never know with bode. He still says he wants to compete. Yeah, and talk about the big hockey game today. Well, you got the men's quarterfinal against the Czech Republic and then you got as Amy was saying you got the big game, canada/united states, the women's gold medal match and this is one that is a bitter rivalry, Canadians having won the last three olympic golds after the U.S. Won the first ever olympic gold for women's hockey so this is going to be a big one on Thursday night. The U.S. Thinks they can do it, though. Okay, Julie foudy, thanks very much.

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{"id":22577514,"title":"Ted Ligety Makes a Comeback in Giant Slalom","duration":"3:00","description":"Amy Robach on the big news from the slopes in Sochi.","url":"/GMA/video/sinter-olympics-2014-sochi-ted-ligety-wins-gold-22577514","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}