The Situation: 'Jersey Shore' Star's Drug Problem

Reality-TV star Mike Sorrentino says he is being treated for a drug problem.
2:57 | 03/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Situation: 'Jersey Shore' Star's Drug Problem
One of the stars Mike the situation sort Latino and we'll because -- -- we've once it learned once again learned a very high cost of reality television. He now says that he is being treated for a drug problem and it's not the first time that the very bright -- lights of reality TV have appeared to -- taken down -- one of their own star city Lara. With us very latest not. Talking prescription medication reportedly here and you know millions of Americans get totally wrapped up in reality TV and it seems. Sometimes the stars of the shows get wrapped up in them as well but. He can often be hard for them to live up to the characters we see. On TV. This is this is reassuring -- So -- -- it's called the situation. His nickname -- become an everyday part of our vocabulary. Best ingredients. For situations but lately is conduct on the Jersey Shore has raised eyebrows -- TNT reporting on his bizarre behavior during his recent cast a camping trip. -- just get so right now is so there -- now he's freaking me out he makes me feel not normal now Mike the situation so when Tino. It is admitting he's dealing with a serious drug situation. Writing on his website I have voluntarily taken steps to get control of a prescription medication problem. I had due to exhaustion. I have spent the past several weeks getting treatment for this problem. And recuperating prominent work in appearance schedule and famous for his hard partying drinking and of course those ads -- slowly turned himself into a full fledged brand with endorsement deals. -- workout DVD. And even clothing line. He spoke with our Chris Connolly in 2010 when you think the situation is a role you're playing. I mean to be very honest with you it is -- port of my personality. But not not not the full circle and for some reality stars it seems -- -- the character they play on TV can be difficult it's per. -- believe a little ought to try to figure out okay how much of this is truly me how much of this is a character played for the cameras. The real housewives of Beverly Hills Russell Armstrong's suicide made headlines. Stanley saying -- trying to keep up with the opulent lifestyle -- Ruined his life and Heidi Montag wants a reality show staple has admitted -- dozen plastic surgeries. Were a result of getting too caught up in her Hollywood image. Surgery is not glamorous I was saying plastic surgery is anything but glamorous. I could take it back and play. When the critiques come in when people start trashing your blogs they're trashing -- you -- version of you. As opposed to with with traditional actors I must attack people are trashing their work. As for the situation and while he may be temporarily down he is definitely not Alex tweeting earlier this week he's getting in amazing shape for -- six. The Jersey sure. And NTV has put out a statement saying. We fully expect and are looking forward to the entire cast returning for a sixth season so. The situation is apparently looking Miller again we herded into it reality television something of a misnomer here -- -- reality these people feel the need to follow the -- of the Carriker got -- Yes and -- can obviously be very dangerous and exhausting according to exit we will again -- best of my sword via. Listings.

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{"id":15977143,"title":"The Situation: 'Jersey Shore' Star's Drug Problem ","duration":"2:57","description":"Reality-TV star Mike Sorrentino says he is being treated for a drug problem.","url":"/GMA/video/situation-jersey-shore-star-rehab-drug-problem-15977143","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}