Sizable Weight Loss: Woman Loses 100 Pounds

Abby Dale and style guru Tim Gunn talk about her profound transformation.
4:37 | 12/07/11

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Transcript for Sizable Weight Loss: Woman Loses 100 Pounds
-- turned to an amazing weight loss story this is -- -- used to look like two years ago before she won Weight Watchers inspiring stories contact. We want you take a look at her now nearly a hundred pounds later. -- -- -- -- -- She used to Wear those genes and is happy to say she doesn't anymore I had the chance to talk weather yesterday and style guru Tim -- All about her amazing transformation. It's amazing we've had a lot of -- hospital. Huge amount of him anymore laws I have yeah I have only have one dressed I was telling them it's -- -- I have another 10 good. What is your new look -- going to be now that you are. Lean and mean and feeling great back against is having more than half of an eclectic wardrobe. Because I'm just jeans and T shares -- -- girls so having more variety again speaking of teens. Can we see -- old that is -- yet. Hopefully this will inspire many of you out there. It's hard to believe that this law is stunning woman was once the size and into if you could put into these did I know I'm Pannemon you know Cecil what we achievements and now -- over what period of time almost actually seventeen months I hit my goal in May. There have been maintaining out from a seven month. -- tell us the -- story I note was two years almost to the day. That you woke up in the overnight is that something house together at that point how much did you way. 236. Patent at twentieth and 26 years already were then -- that's. I I had always -- -- Miley ever since childhood and since 2003. To 2009. I had gained seven -- seven pound means. So I was at a really in a -- place in my life very self conscious -- so this seamless self confidence and just. -- notional ranges -- I was not. Doing well and so that middle of the night when I woke up almost two years ago -- my heart racing ahead then I talked and we decided -- I decided against. Then he needs to start losing -- and I did it through Weight Watchers -- It took a lot of courage and a huge amount of tenacity -- to do those and I find that the so frequently about when one is. Overweight from childhood and that the intensity of built -- -- -- to be overweight forever. And it did take tremendous courage and determination on your part to do this and look. You now. I know how do you I feel I feel great pain sometimes I can't believe this -- me but. But it is too -- to be well -- does -- feel totally different -- yes and it does I guess. Just -- -- -- maintaining Miley I'm kinda gotten used to my new found that the stills sometimes eloquent and -- -- moving them from. Even when we were having our filling the other two you were having difficulty re celebrating your brain -- new song is because the clothes that were fitting. -- sitting out they -- important she was maintaining were too tight but none none none of this is how it should feel. As -- interesting -- let me ask you what advice would you give women out there who want so much to do you've done. Just to know even know you may not think it right now but you're worth -- in the end. And had to do it for yourself to be happy you are worth it. We -- very inspiring story. I -- -- I just wanna -- one thing but we were talking off camera you did it in in little bit you look at the big picture and say oh my -- have to lose a hundred pounds. That's almost -- for anybody to undertake -- successfully fugitive in. Almost calibration -- little five pound increments. What I love about we want -- somewhat odd partnering with a Weight Watchers because it's very real world it's very achievable it's very. Accessible. And it's not like joining a -- And Tim let me ask you. A stories like Gabby you're doing a show called the rebel death and coming up in January will what will we see more inspirational stories like Greece. Certainly will and if anything obviously not a Bellwether of what's ahead of the revolution because we have -- -- women who also very inspiring stories and you and you take them and and really help them transform. Every single aspect of their -- exactly every aspect of their -- -- -- like to talk fashion with you forever and now you're also are inspirational girl begged him there on. I'm telling you so -- and how to keep up degrading earning my congratulations. Really pleasure in the niners only when they're looking -- you're -- I can -- -- he can't exactly. She is an inspiration and you can get Tim -- styling -- to -- off figures. -- Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo! and -- new shout the revolution will air weekdays starting Monday January 16 right here. On ABC.

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{"duration":"4:37","description":"Abby Dale and style guru Tim Gunn talk about her profound transformation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15103457","title":"Sizable Weight Loss: Woman Loses 100 Pounds","url":"/GMA/video/sizable-weight-loss-woman-loses-100-pounds-15103457"}