Plus-Size Model Magazine Fights 'Body Shaming'

Cecilia Vega talks to curvy models working to encourage women of all sizes.
3:00 | 10/11/12

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Transcript for Plus-Size Model Magazine Fights 'Body Shaming'
In the latest issue of "plus model" magazine, curvy models bare all to encourage women of all shapes and sizes to celebrate their figures and end what they call body shaming. Abc's cecilia vega explains. Reporter: They said ashley judd's face was too chubby. Jessica simpson's baby bump body too big. CALLED LeANN RIMES TOO THIN. AND melissa McCarthy, too fat. And with one cover, wanted to put an end to body shaming. "Plus model" wants to end shame for everybody bullied for their size. I wanted people to say, maybe I need to stop writing those negative things. Reporter: The spread may show models wearing little more than high heels and jewelry. But each photo comes with a message. No one is safe from body shaming. Body shaming hurts. To the extent women look at this. And it expands their understanding what is beautiful, that is a great thing. Reporter: As laura johnson bees, body shaming is on the size for women large and small. I've been used to people telling me what they think about my body. I love myself. And I want other women to experience that same joy. Reporter: It's an issue that made headlines earlier this month,after a viewer e-mailed lacrosse, wisconsin, tv news anchor, jennifer livingston, saying she was too fat. Supporters rallied around her after she went public. You don't know me. You are not a friend of mine. Reporter: And now, "plus model" magazine says it wants to rally around all women. I would love for everyone everywhere to see this magazine. And I know it's going to be part of a change of being more positive and seeing our bodies as being beautiful things. Reporter: Wonderful, curvy things. For "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. We're bringing in brooke shields to talk about this. You've been in the spotlight, since you were 11 months old. I was a model as a baby. This is a problem that's not for everybody. Not for people just in the public eye. Those of us in the publi eye are under constant scrutiny. Maintained the idea of being healthy rather than being skinny. But there's such extremes. When I'm ten pounds heavier, i look younger because my face fills out. We all of us have girls. What do you say to your little girls? I said, asg as you're healthy, I want you to eat well. And don't compare yourself to anybody. We're all unique. We're all like snowflakes. Don't compare yourself to anybody, even though we're wearing the exact color. This was the memo of the day. I think it's fabulous they're doing this is out because it's across the board. And I think the celebration of who you are at your best, is what -- whether it's not fat and skinny. It's who you are at your healthiest. This is a new trend we're seeing, women proudly displaying. We saw dove ads earlier, with women saying, this is my skin. And hopefully this is changing things. Hopefully this has a huge impact on women and men, to end the bullying. Absolutely. And I think it's necessary to get this to the younger kids. We've got this next generation that we can change their perception. And at 7 years old, my daughter listens to everything when we talk about food. We're hugely influential. Hopefully, they're all listening. Right. Healthy and proud. And feeling good about yourself and not comparing yourself. Love the skin you're in. There you go.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Cecilia Vega talks to curvy models working to encourage women of all sizes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17451113","title":"Plus-Size Model Magazine Fights 'Body Shaming'","url":"/GMA/video/size-model-magazine-fights-body-shaming-17451113"}