Skateboarders Take on Highways in Dangerous New Viral Trend

The risky stunt is gaining traction on social media, showing skateboarders weaving through Los Angeles traffic.
2:46 | 05/13/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Skateboarders Take on Highways in Dangerous New Viral Trend
Back now with a dangerous new stunt gaining traction on California highways and on social media using #skateboard challenge hitting the road where one wrong move could turn deadly. Matt Gutman is in L.A. With the story. Good morning, Matt. Reporter: Hey, good morning, Lara. Anyone who spent time here in southern California has learned how painful the traffic can be, so to make the time pass, those skateboarders weave and slalom between cars sometimes hanging on to them and as we've learned it's a stunt with potentially disastrous consequences. Trapped in L.A. Gridlock board skateboarders have decided to hit the road. Kick-starting a social media storm with this dangerous new trend. Daredevils jump out of their cars and onto their boards, friends filming those brazen stunts as they weave through or even slalom across l.a.'s grindingly slow freeways. Then they post the videos with the #freewaychallenge. Foolish and reckless and dangerous thing. I mean, that was my first reaction. Why would anybody want to be on the freeway? Reporter: What the police call reckless stunts aren't for amateurs. One shows professional skatebo skateboarder smith jumping on to the freeway and doing a flip between cars. Doesn't look like he's about to cause himself or others harm. I can guarantee you that a car or motorcycle traveling at at least 20 to 25 miles per hour can significantly cause damage to you as a person or kill you. Reporter: Smith could not be reached for comment but on instagram, he urged other skateboarders not to hit the freeways writing this, #freeway challenge stuff is stupid and I seriously advise that no one tries it. Still, many have and many have failed and even bicyclists flipping and spinning their way down a clogged highway. But scenes like this are not the first examples of freeway horseplay. Stunts like car surfing blew up on youtube last summer and while this may seem more dangerous than this, officers with the California highway patrol say a kick flip off the freeway has much bigger consequences than just crashing onto the concrete. They're out there on their skateboards and someone tries to avoid a collision with them and someone gets killed, that's manslaughter. Now, police across southern California are on the lookout for anyone trying this stunt. But it's not a misdemeanor, it's not a felony, it's an infraction, meaning if caught, they can get a ticket though it is a hefty one, I'm told. It could top a few hundred buck organization the price of a very expensive skateboard. Or they could get killed. I mean, thank you, Matt. Unbelievable. Time to make that a full crime. Absolutely.

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"The risky stunt is gaining traction on social media, showing skateboarders weaving through Los Angeles traffic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"39086284","title":"Skateboarders Take on Highways in Dangerous New Viral Trend","url":"/GMA/video/skateboarders-highways-dangerous-viral-trend-39086284"}