Slain Gun Instructor's Family Files Lawsuit

Arizona gun instructor Charles Vacca was accidentally killed by a 9-year-old firing an Uzi at a gun range.
1:36 | 08/29/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Slain Gun Instructor's Family Files Lawsuit
This morning the family of the Arizona gun instructor accidentally shot by a nine year old girl. Is filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the owners of the shooting range where he worked. They create a really un and -- dangerous environment that. Ultimately got my dad killed the family is speaking out exactly two years after the tragic incident. Telling us they want the owners of the last stop shooting range outside of Las Vegas to be held responsible for negligence the lawsuit claims the mini Uzi nine millimeter firearm the girl was using. Was not a safe or appropriate weapon to Entrust to a nine year old girl which caused her to lose control of the weapon when firing. What we have here. Is create complaint that says the operation we saw where Charlie bock who was killed was fundamentally. Unsafe. It's fundamentally unsafe to give machine against children. We reached out to the shooting range but did not receive a response. The accident occurred back in August of 2014. 39 year old Charles Bach was teaching this girl how to shoot a fully automatic Uzi. But the firearms recoil caused the girl to lose control stray bullet struck blocker in the. And one more maturity and didn't have a dog gone into action on the. The father and army reserve staff sergeant was flown to a nearby hospital where he later died. Now his family is hoping to prevent future gun range accidents. I'd like is he somebody take responsibility if they don't. Chain son into stopping its going to happen again.

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{"duration":"1:36","description":"Arizona gun instructor Charles Vacca was accidentally killed by a 9-year-old firing an Uzi at a gun range.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41721114","title":"Slain Gun Instructor's Family Files Lawsuit","url":"/GMA/video/slain-gun-instructors-family-files-lawsuit-41721114"}