Slain Mother's Body Flown Back to US

Teen daughter allegedly killed her wealthy U.S. woman during a trip to Bali.
2:43 | 08/20/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Slain Mother's Body Flown Back to US
First we have new details about the murder of a wealthy American woman vacationing in Bali. Her body is back home. Her teenage daughter and the girl's boyfriend are still in custody and ABC's linsey Davis is here with the latest. Reporter: We spoke with her attorney last night. He says his client says she's innocent. That she's grieving, pregnant and distraught by the death of her mother and the idea that listening to this if she's found guilty she faces death penalty by firing squad. This morning, the body of the American woman found stuffed inside a suitcase in Bali is back in Chicago while her daughter and daughter's boyfriend remain on the Indonesian island accused of her murder. I want to stress she's innocent. Reporter: 18-year-old heather mack and her boyfriend 21-year-old tommy Schaefer both from Chicago were arrested last week. No cameras. Reporter: One day after 62-year-old Sheila Von Weise mack's body was found outside of the upscale St. Regis resort where they were vacationing. The body was stuffed inside this silver suitcase left in the trunk of this cab. An autopsy indicates she died of asphyxiation from a broken nose resulting from a blunt blow. Heather mack who says she's two months pregnant claims an armed gang murdered her mother and that she and Schaefer managed to escape. The key thing right now is just to have a thorough investigation. Reporter: But investigators say surveillance video shows the mother and daughter arguing in the hours before the murder and local police say the couple later called for a taxi placing several suitcases inside before walking back into the hotel to check out and never returning to that cab. This morning, the FBI is also in bally investigating. They could conceivably ask the FBI to conduct a forensic examination in Bali. Reporter: For years Sheila mack lived in this mansion in Chicago. Shocked. I still can't believe it actually. Reporter: Police became a familiar sight here called 86 times over the last decade mostly for domestic disturbances. In 2011 she claimed her daughter forcefully pushed her causing her to break her right arm. Mack was arrested and released but now they face case of premeditated murder which carries a maximum sentence of death. The Bali police chief says he believes the murder was premeditated and says the boyfriend's fingerprints were found either on the tool used to kill her or the suitcase. The vic's family back in the United States telling ABC news they are devastated and while the mother was encouraged to do so in the past by family members she never pressed charges against her daughter for those previous domestic incidences.

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{"id":25049032,"title":"Slain Mother's Body Flown Back to US","duration":"2:43","description":"Teen daughter allegedly killed her wealthy U.S. woman during a trip to Bali.","url":"/GMA/video/slain-mothers-body-flown-back-us-25049032","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}