Sleeping Pilots: New Rules in Place

Do changes to air safety address crash risk caused by pilot fatigue?
2:03 | 12/22/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sleeping Pilots: New Rules in Place
FAA is imposing tough new rules to prevent pilot fatigue a factor in so many crashes. So the changes really make flying safer ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross has been following the problem of pilots too tired to fly. The new pilot fatigue rules are meant to prevent accidents like this one. The crash of a Colgan Air commuter jet from Newark to buffalo almost three years ago in which fifty people died. Neither the pilot. -- the first officer had slept in a bed the night before they had committed to Newark from Florida and Washington State yawns could be heard on cockpit voice recorder. This new rule will afford pilots the opportunity. To get eight hours. Of uninterrupted sleep before a flight. The rules will also reduce the number of on duty hours for. But only from a maximum of sixteen hours a day to fourteen hours a day I'm very distressed over these rules because they don't go anywhere near -- -- Critics say the new rules also fall substantially short of dealing with the problems of pilots who commute to their base flying in from distant cities to Begin their -- Younger less well paid violence and -- sleepy and so called crash pads like this one ABC news about their LaGuardia Airport in New York. Or trying to grab sleep in private lounges where experts say the quality of sleep is badly impaired. These new rules do not stop the danger of commuting pilots. The FAA says the new rules require the airlines to recognize the commuter problem but puts the responsibility on the pilots to certify that they are fit for duty. Not good enough say son new pilots the first part of their careers -- -- -- and tell the truth because they know we're gonna get fired sanction. If they actually say yes -- -- almost three years after this deadly crash the National Transportation Safety Board says even with the new FAA rules the issue of tired pilots in the cockpit. Remains a serious concern. For Good Morning America Brian Ross ABC news --

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{"id":15212285,"title":"Sleeping Pilots: New Rules in Place","duration":"2:03","description":"Do changes to air safety address crash risk caused by pilot fatigue?","url":"/GMA/video/sleeping-pilots-rules-place-15212285","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}