Smoking Samsung Phone Prompts Flight Evacuation

A Baltimore-bound Southwest Airlines flight was evacuated after a Samsung phone filled the cabin with smoke.
4:00 | 10/06/16

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Transcript for Smoking Samsung Phone Prompts Flight Evacuation
More problems for Sam JP sung. One of the company's galaxy note 7 phones starting to smoke, force plaeng to evacuate. In this case, the phone was a replacement meant to address the safety issues. David Kerley has more. Reporter: Good morning, Amy. We have been so worried about one of these planes overheating on a jet. Ironically, it was a recall replacement burning before takeoff. If true, it could mean bigger problems for Samsung. We got smoke in the cabin the. Can you send emergency equipment? Reporter: The reason, this Samsung phone. I noticed smoke pouring out of my pocket. I pulled the phone out of my pocket, threw it on the ground. It continued to smoke and smolder into the carpet. Reporter: He says his phone was a replacement for the galaxy note 7. Oh, my god. Look at the car. Reporter: The note 7s burning and exploding in cars, at home, at work. There was smoke everywhere. Reporter: The incident in the jet in Louisville may be the first time for a replacement note 7 to burn. It popped. It sizzled you could say even. I was scared I was going to have bits of glass in my hand and electronics and what not. Reporter: He says he powered down the phone as asked right before takeoff. Within hours, the consumer product safety commission had investigators there. Anytime you have a smoking object on an airplane, it's a big development. We're concerned. That's why we're move something aggressively to investigate. Reporter: Samsung said it sent investigators, too, and is cooperating with the government. Now we're waiting to find out whether this was the actual phone. There's still a lot of questions. There have been reports of Samsung replacement phones heating up. This would be the first case of it burning. And Steve ganyard joins us. I have flown recently. You hear the flight attendants saying don't charge your phone. If it's a note 7, turn it off. What could have happened if that same incident happened when the flight was in the air? Amy, think about it. If this had been ten minutes later while the plane was airborne. The battery fires burn up to 1500 degrees. Aluminum melts at 1200. Think about the seat burning. We dodged a bullet this time. I don't think we can continue the count on being so lucky. This was supposedly one of the replacement phones that Samsung has given this customer. Is the company doing enough? Apparently not. And so, I think Samsung will have to come out and be more forth coming with the kinds of changes instituted. If you think about, almost everybody has a smartphone today. They bring smartphones, tablets, laptops on to the airplane. You may have 150 people on the airplane. You probably have 200 lithium ion batteries. It's a battery problem. It will only get worse before better. What is the government's role? What are the airlines' roles in all of this? We can't expect the tsa or airlines to go through everybody's bags. I think in the short term, the FAA and Samsung have to work together the fix the defect. Amazingsly, there's no minimum mandatory safety standard for the batteries. I think there's a role for the congress here to step in and say, if you're going to sell something with lithium ion battery in the country you have to meet a minimum safety bar. E we don't have that as of now. Steve ganyard, thank you. Michael, on the big board in a minute. We have some big store is

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{"duration":"4:00","description":"A Baltimore-bound Southwest Airlines flight was evacuated after a Samsung phone filled the cabin with smoke.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42609597","title":"Smoking Samsung Phone Prompts Flight Evacuation","url":"/GMA/video/smoking-samsung-phone-prompts-flight-evacuation-42609597"}