Snooki's Pregnant: Can 'Jersey Shore' Continue?

Nicole Polizzi explains how pregnancy will affect MTV's hit show in US weekly.
0:32 | 03/07/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Snooki's Pregnant: Can 'Jersey Shore' Continue?
Time for all the latest on -- in the new issue of us weekly the star -- Jersey Shore is speaking out for the first time. That getting married having a baby and what that all means for her future. And -- the big question what it all means for her mega hit reality show and ABC's Chris Connelly. He's joining us now with more on all that good morning Chris. Good morning George Snooki is having a baby. And fans of Jersey Shore may be having a cow what -- the show be like without the queen of chaos raising a ruckus drinking and driving everyone crazy. Well if the party seemed like it's over for smokey the fund is just getting started. Time once. When the only thing Nicole Snooki pollutes the -- expecting it was another one of these. And another one of those things and when her idea of toilet training was. Well. Now Jersey -- -- 24 year old party hardy is personality is confirming to us weekly that she's fifteen weeks pregnant with a bun in the oven. And a ring on her finger news of what new fiance Johnny Le vol calls a happy accident comes after days of right to your face fitting by the reality star. Am I nor -- -- fitness fun. Snooki told us she's sorry about all that line but wanted to play it safe by waiting until she was three months a long before getting word out. She says she's sworn off caffeine and alcohol but admits -- some -- in Las Vegas just days before her positive tests. She freaked out because she did go out. And party quite a bit on New Year's -- but obviously those days are now over for her while she prepares for -- Buffy is currently shooting a Jersey Shore spinoff with jwoww says he says her larger than life -- won't be living in the Jersey Shore house next summer. -- she says she may visit. And -- for kicking it at a club while pregnant -- yes -- calls that behavior disgusting. Remind us what universe is. This and classic smokey bash at the way she described her morning sickness -- she sat. Feel really hung over that's more like it. What will happen to the ratings monster that is Jersey sure not -- Snooki on the Jersey Shore on. He'll be a real challenge -- MTV. She is a big reason why people -- And so if it seems as if so much has changed about Snooki in a very short time at least one thing remains the same. -- she put it last summer why do you think people are so fascinated by it. I I'm not I think -- -- and I think I -- you know I just don't get. Then -- says about me. Her cravings include olives -- a lot I don't know that's together at the us weekly photo shoot she had some morning sickness and took a sip of ginger -- but declined the offer of crackers. Because she says. They have carves. Ultimately all the scoop from Chris Connelly and it's -- -- us weekly which hits newsstands this Friday.

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{"duration":"0:32","description":"Nicole Polizzi explains how pregnancy will affect MTV's hit show in US weekly.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15867208","title":"Snooki's Pregnant: Can 'Jersey Shore' Continue?","url":"/GMA/video/snookis-pregnant-engaged-jersey-shore-continue-15867208"}