Snowmobiler Buried by Avalanche Rescued

Neal Karlinsky reports on the improbable rescue that was caught on tape.
2:13 | 01/25/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Snowmobiler Buried by Avalanche Rescued
Buried alive by an avalanche would speak with that man in just a moment but first a look at is frightening ordeal. And amazing rescue ABC's Neal Karlinsky has the story from Zia. Perfect Sunday afternoon friends on snow -- buzzing the edge of a mountain and shooting every second of Madonna helmet cam suddenly -- the reaction of the man wearing the camera. An avalanche pours down the hill and John Swanson right there who was off his snowmobile at the time is swept over and buried. It may not have looked like much snow from a distance but as his friends raced to help there was no sign of him. Frantically they dig by hand and soon I'm grant and we got -- -- don't. All the while trying to reassure him and make sure his -- is clear. -- double. About. The snow is packed like cement -- they struggled to clear his head and shoulders. About half billion. In my. The rest Dublin is totally covered -- -- on your mind. No no -- -- -- don't really know. -- -- The avalanche contributor behind it could still. It was Swanson second brush with a deadly situation he spent six weeks in a coma after being engulfed in flames working on his car fifteen years ago. -- recovering burn victim told us he couldn't budge an inch in the snow. We joined up with an avalanche rescue team to get a sense of what Swanson went through to have -- flora and yeah. Buried in snow up to my neck I couldn't so much as move a finger by have a hard time taking a deep breath because it's constricting life -- yes. You would not be it would take a breath if you -- very benevolent. These elite avalanche rescuers say emergency beacons like this one can help find you if -- buried but. That's not the most important tip. And -- number one as a partner. That's when you look after -- somebody to help you out. And that's what -- Swanson on would have suffocated within minutes without the quick work of his friend. Or. -- -- -- The big important for Good Morning America Neal Karlinsky ABC news Snoqualmie pass Washington.

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{"id":15437416,"title":"Snowmobiler Buried by Avalanche Rescued","duration":"2:13","description":"Neal Karlinsky reports on the improbable rescue that was caught on tape.","url":"/GMA/video/snowmobiler-buried-alive-avalanche-rescue-caught-tape-15437416","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}