Meet the Moms Behind US Women's Hockey Team

Amy Robach talks to the women behind the talented hockey players.
3:00 | 02/20/14

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Transcript for Meet the Moms Behind US Women's Hockey Team
Now we turn to the women behind the women of the U.S. Olympic hockey team. Their daughters skate to beat team Canada, some amazing moms will be in the stands cheering them on. Get it done, ladies. ABC's Amy robach is in sochi where she sat down with a wonderful group of women who have been there every step of the way. Ame? Josh is not putting any pressure on these girls at all. You know, these moms have been incredible. They have sacrificed so much to be here today but as they told me, all of those jeer ye-- years of hard work have been worth it. They're just hoping it's a gold one. Fires, scores! Reporter: The U.S. Women's hockey team is tearing it up in sochi. Forward Julie Chu is fierce and fearless on the ice. Kacey Bellamy is always in pursuit of the puck and twins jocelyne and Monique Lamoureux are double trouble when it comes to scoring. Who are the forces behind the talent? I sat down with their moms at the p&g home, they've known each other for nearly a decade. We're like sisters. Sitting in the stands together. Screaming? She screams. Always dancing in the stands. You said you have a dance. What I usually do. Everybody gets a little bit nervous so, you know, I'm up there and then I'm just like, you know and I'm just like this, getting -- she'll sometimes get up and stand with me. I'll get everybody going. What is it like to be a hockey mom. When Julie started hockey, there were no girls' teams so she was the only girl on a boys' team. She knew how -- She did and the boys were fabulous. Kacey played from when she was young. It was challenging and great and I know that's why she's here out. And, Linda, you have twins playing together. Yes. That's incredible. I never imagined that we'd be in our second olympics so I'm very proud to be here and the girls are on a mission. Their team is ready. But come later today, the moms till do their part to prepare for competition. Do you all get superstitious. Do you have -- Yeah. Rituals? Well, I have these red boots on that have carried me far and I dance a lot in them and I love them so, yeah, we do and we have our pins, we all have our pins that we wear. With our daughters -- Most of the team has those. With me it's a scarf. It's a usa scarf. I had it since day one that Julie started 2002 olympics. Reporter: And this bounty mom -- From the bounty select-a-size. Reporter: -- Hopes the fourth time is a charm. You picked a color for your nails. Gold is the goal. The perfect color. Exactly. It's been since 1998 in Nagano that the U.S. Women won a gold in hockey beating Canada. They took a silver in Vancouver in 2010 losing to Canada, so tonight it is the big showdown. The big rematch the girls were hoping for. Usa versus Canada. Can our American women do it? Their moms certainly think so and, josh, I'm thinking you think so too. You're darned right.

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{"id":22597341,"title":"Meet the Moms Behind US Women's Hockey Team","duration":"3:00","description":"Amy Robach talks to the women behind the talented hockey players.","url":"/GMA/video/sochi-winter-olympics-2014-meet-moms-us-womens-22597341","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}