Thrills and Chills in Women's Figure Skating

Amy Robach rounds up the latest events in Sochi.
3:00 | 02/20/14

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Transcript for Thrills and Chills in Women's Figure Skating
We turn now to the big news at the winter games from the American women in the hunt now for figure skating medals to the big bobsled wins in sochi and, of course, our Amy robach tracking all the action at the "Gma" headquarters at our olympics desk. Good morning to you once again, Amy. Good morning, josh. It is one of the most anticipated winter olympic events, we're talking about ladies figure skating and it did not disappoint last night. There were spectacular performances and some devastating falls and then some surprises from underdogs who proved that they were, in fact, superstars. It was a performance fit for a queen, flew across the ice. South Korea's yuna Kim aptly tone as queen yuna standing tall, the defending olympic champion blazing her way to the highest score of the night going into today's long program competition. U.s. Champion Gracie gold also dazzling earning a fourth place spot. She's everything you want, a ladies champion skating. Reporter: And yulia lipnitskaya, the Russian rubber band wowing the home crowd. Unbelievable. Reporter: But then this -- Oh. Reporter: The 15-year-old falling hard on the ice dropping her into fifth place. Finally, team usa's Ashley Wagner lighting up the iceberg palace with a respectable sixth place run. Her now infamous look of dismay from the team competition popping up just for a second before she turned that frown upside down and another cold reality in men's hockey. He scores! Reporter: Team Russia favored by many to win gold knocked out while undefeated team usa slammed the Czech Republic, 5-2, catapulting them into a semifinals clash with arch rival Canada on Friday. It's going to be a tough game. We know that but we're excited about it. Reporter: And in women's bobsled, team usa's Lauryn Williams and Elana Meyers, the front-runners for the most, slipping into second after costly driving mistakes but their silver success still making history, Williams a track and field gold medalist who took up bobsledding six months ago the fifth olympian and first female to medal in winter and summer games & gruble and Evans snatching the bronze, the first time they've earned multiple medals in a bobsled event. It appears our bobsled silver medalists Elana Meyers and Lauryn Williams had a little help in the stands. Take a look at Meyers' fiance nick Taylor up in the stands, he's leaning into the twists and turning right along with her. You got to love that. It gives you a real sense of what it's like to have a loved one in the olympics and speaking of having loved ones down there, you're rooting for, I was able to sit down with the U.S. Hockey moms to find out how they handled the pressure of watching their daughters compete. It's very entertaining. We'll have that for you and so many surprises including a Russian secret weapon. Adelina who brought the home crowd to their feet when she skated a flawless program. She shocked the skating world with her second place finish, also gorgeous on the ice, Italy's Carolina Costner. It would be history if she found herself on the podium. Italy has never won a medal in figure skating. She's third behind yuna Kim and I don't know what watch tonight. The hockey, it's the figure skating. I mean I'm going to need multiple television sets. It's called picture in picture, Amy. Picture in picture. It's a new thing. The greatest technology ever. Thanks, ame. The sochi scoreboard after something of a rough day in Russia. Not just for yulia lipnitskaya, but for the Russian men who will not medal now in hockey, so take a look. It took a while but the U.S. Now top of the table, 23 overall, seven gold, of course, Russia right there, one behind, of

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{"id":22596849,"title":"Thrills and Chills in Women's Figure Skating ","duration":"3:00","description":"Amy Robach rounds up the latest events in Sochi.","url":"/GMA/video/sochi-winter-olympics-2014-thrills-chills-womens-figure-22596849","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}