Sochi's Real Gold Is in the Sky With Olympic Sunshine

ABC's Matt Gutman on people sunbathing and swimming during the Winter Olympics.
3:00 | 02/12/14

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Transcript for Sochi's Real Gold Is in the Sky With Olympic Sunshine
Warm balmy temperatures in Sochi are making things tough for athletes there ABC's Matt -- joining us now from Sochi. Matt and as -- start with one picture that you -- up pretty much sums up the heat wave there an older couple take a look at this and join. A beautiful sunny day. And what is -- -- -- right there. Right now I think it's about sixty but it's about. 6:15 in the evening so it was in the mid sixties earlier -- supposed to stay in the sixties. All week long. And right now in our Booth here it's pretty balmy probably around eighty degrees at least on this with all the lights. -- indices up you know pan out Macs -- -- -- is gonna pan out and show. The sun is so bright and so hot here that we have grant -- and our sound man. -- standing there to try to block it he's also wears sunglasses. That's. Rough assignment indeed might act. It's tough it's tough Danielle and I woke up this morning the first thing -- looked out the window. And there were sunbathers that's like that the picture -- guys without shirts. Families coming out a couple of of couples and and that in bikinis they -- in the Black Sea. If -- pretty warm in the sun I don't know that would have gone swimming but. These folks came from what -- from Saint Petersburg another from Moscow. Where does a lot colder probably -- -- at about fifteen to twenty degrees today to -- this is totally -- so great for everybody here in the coastal cluster. Not so -- for forty athletes or up in the mountains. Racing downhill. If that downhill -- that was nearly fifty degrees 49 degrees half pipe was not that much colder than that. Conditions quite difficult for this year's lot of heavy chunky snow makes it hard to navigate hard to make precise cuts. Same thing with this snowboarders I don't know if you've seen pictures -- -- half -- But there's that blue line at the top of the EC have jagged it is. And at the Billy the bottom of that half pipe is really slow so it makes it very hard for the snowboarders to get back up. So pretty normally conditions as they would -- snowboard speak out there for the athletes. Very enjoyable for us. I was discussing you have -- no sympathy because right now I think it's about seventeen degrees in New York so frankly I have no. Apologies for whatsoever with temperatures like that I've got a sizable -- on the fact -- -- latter putting out there in some kind of shirtless pose right like. Holding a baby seal or something and waiting for that -- -- but as far as the snow business itself but it. Haven't haven't officials at this or reducing the back -- so that they got stored from the winters past. Today for the first time they -- there's a lot of it 450000. Tons of it. About an up to fill up the -- a quarter of the superdome. Which is plenty probably for the rest of the of the games but. The forecast here is not gonna help these folks out it is going to stay in the sixties next week in the high fifties. This is not helping people out there's a lot of snow let it keeps melting and it's it's about the quantity of -- notes about the conditions. Of course it. It doesn't matter for some of the big matchups that are taking place behind me today and over the coming days hockey and skating -- up in the Alpine country is becoming. -- problem is certainly what everybody's talking about.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Matt Gutman on people sunbathing and swimming during the Winter Olympics.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22481477","title":"Sochi's Real Gold Is in the Sky With Olympic Sunshine","url":"/GMA/video/sochis-real-gold-sky-olympic-sunshine-22481477"}