'Social Network's' Armie Hammer on 'Hoover' Flick

Actor who played the Winklevoss twins from "The Social Network" visits "GMA."
3:31 | 11/08/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Social Network's' Armie Hammer on 'Hoover' Flick
Army hammer is here he put you. -- -- -- -- -- The social network of course you know that's how we really as the twins -- -- -- -- double play. Forget I only got half the paycheck I never understood is -- that is is now he has a pivotal role in Hoover's right hand man Clyde tolls and army it -- -- to yet thank you for heaven's bright fantastic. And powerful powerful performance by both do you. And Leo and I -- admit I didn't know that much about slide ahead of time but I do. No nothing nothing at all in fact -- signed on Guzman goes like this is a great character that you know -- buckle it up and are really looked into I was shocked and everything I was able to dig up and finding out. -- -- research assistants and all that kind of stuff so right it was fantastic an enormous and sort of learn about the history the fifth. You never know anything about the such a different -- -- was. Well -- my little clips of people know that we're talking about and this is tied in the -- Earlier years -- Don't get on the call -- can walk back but the real life we don't miss functional matter what number you pulled away. And perjured yourself -- -- -- isn't easily wanted to continue to pursue there's no telling her -- -- Find EG live to cease to be demoted immediately but -- yet five. Firing until John drew to would be a PR disaster and he's spent the rest of we have behind a desk and he'd like that golf -- -- Army that's not illegal about it. You won't leave it out. The person watching the movie to determine the extent of the relationship between those two men absolutely there's no can conclusively prove. What happened behind closed doors we don't know what we do know is that -- it's like it was a great records and breathe life and historical dates. And gave us something that turns -- instead of a documentary isn't exactly a love story between. FBI table and -- the things we really did a great job of that. Slow start quiet. This is my life I don't actually perfect and she she -- and she -- you even when your playing older character client loved the old habits of the best part usually come invisible on Warner shootings like that you know we both like to stroll through the parking lot holding -- news like a 75 year old -- -- I think I would help us like this. Yeah yeah. Our Jason Miller who's got so redundant but that's it that's putting a lot of time to make -- -- doing well 8 hours of the morning from what you get that -- 9 in the morning riddles are working but by the afternoon how cool wanted to work like what is why does the path through the best he was here loving guys yeah. But he's he's incredible selection will be subject -- -- funny -- like strong is the best -- any -- -- away but there's a great fight scene. -- in the movie named I really didn't have not been helping -- and yet he showed us how to fight by beating the crap out of his friend buddy. At -- on -- like right there in front of us dusted himself off because you know. Just a little something like that much like. -- -- more mainly the pepperoni and do our best I -- but at what part unit. To you thank you -- -- you have just such a humongous future ahead be doing this keep their earlier gutsy right now neither he doesn't want some future you're listening to pick up. But you know what's really great here -- -- that is they grounded as you are you're excited about what I what I -- Lee was -- you're like yeah I'd like Italy and so do you. It's -- this is a great business that we could be part of addicted to love a good worker could actually get to do -- like -- we have a we wouldn't and you get to go home with her -- didn't -- that's just what he's trying to -- -- -- -- Capacity duplicate. -- army all the best -- --

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{"id":14904127,"title":"'Social Network's' Armie Hammer on 'Hoover' Flick","duration":"3:31","description":"Actor who played the Winklevoss twins from \"The Social Network\" visits \"GMA.\"","url":"/GMA/video/social-networks-armie-hammer-hoover-biopic-edgar-14904127","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}