How to Use Social Networks for Businesses

Percolate's James Gross explains how to use social networks for marketing.
4:30 | 02/29/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How to Use Social Networks for Businesses
Every -- Tory Johnson and this is work. Since the words social media have entered our vocabulary brands have worked to a -- followers by -- -- And as the list of online platforms grows so does the challenge of feeding content to so many people and so many sites. The new tech company partly can help. And here to tell us more is James gross it's co-founder H -- Hello -- so your goal is to make social marketing easier how are you doing this. Yeah the biggest challenge we feel that brands are facing. Is being able to create enough content now -- you have so many platforms. Where you you've acquired audiences and now you need to be relevant there's FaceBook there's Twitter. There's Tumblr there's -- plus there's interest. And our goal is to allow brands to very easily manage all the content that -- already created. As well as very easily help them create new content for the right audiences. In the right places and at the right time. And to do that you use a coffee metaphor tell us about the inspiration behind that name. Sheriff. So percolate. All the credit goes to my co founders lovely wife -- Breyer. We were sitting around we first started the company we we knew we were we -- very entrusted. Around solving big data problems right a lot of this information that we are passing around and we wanted to. Just presents you with the very best -- -- just the right time. And -- said percolate and it just felt so right so much yen of of what we're doing is with our software is trying to present people -- little bit of magic just right. Just the right contents. Very similar when you start your morning in India have a of that person from -- -- so it's just it's just right so. -- the coffee metaphor can be extended to the content that we help you create. And you -- that process into. Five -- so let's quickly go through each of them the first is calibrate. -- so we start by helping big businesses -- -- what we call a calibration process so in order for brands to create a lot of content they have to start consuming content. So real brands build what we call an interest graph which is the types of sources of their interest in following in order to help them create that content. From the the so from that process we then move into the filter phased. Which is actually are algorithm that looks at what these sources are talking about and tries to bubble up the very best content. From there we go into the third phase duration which is actually allowing someone on the brand side to from a human perspective. Moderate the content contextualize the content. And then that moves to the fourth phase which is publishing the content and be able to push it. Again wherever you might want to whether that's FaceBook Twitter Tumblr or even -- -- -- -- may -- -- dot com. And then finally percolate as a learning algorithm. And the threat the fifth. Phase is actually allowing the outward and to learn from the actions -- the editor wants to take. As well as what is the audience reacting to and we can dial the sources in the content accordingly. Think two kind of continually refresh your brew and constantly show you the best content. All right and its parent -- you know. Why did -- advice -- so a lot of people sort of think evolved and says. Overwhelming -- they can sit down and get wrapped her head around you know for the first week and it works in. And then it's become buried so if there's like one piece of advice that you would want business owners to keep top of mind as they. Manage their social media as a share re contents as they engage and build really fulfilling relationships well well that one -- -- I think you -- you you have to stay interesting. With the audiences that are interested in hearing from you in the only way we know out of stay interesting is to create great content and creating great content takes a tremendous amount of work right you've. If you're a business owner you don't have a lot of time and we've just added a new thing in your life and it's called social media. -- of course we want to build -- of a tool that helps with that. But it you know -- my one piece of advice is make -- a ritual make -- something that you do day in and day out kind of like going -- to the gym where. Eating healthy food. Our rights day interest staying thanks so much James. Here thank you -- and for more importantly you can visit them online and seeing what the whole partly team. Has got drilling over there at percolate dot com.

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{"duration":"4:30","description":"Percolate's James Gross explains how to use social networks for marketing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15817286","title":"How to Use Social Networks for Businesses","url":"/GMA/video/social-networks-businesses-15817286"}