Vergara Following Character's Footsteps to Motherhood

"Modern Family" star tells Vogue magazine that she and her fiance are trying to have children.
1:43 | 03/19/13

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Transcript for Vergara Following Character's Footsteps to Motherhood
On -- piece of and now it looks like light may imitate art and pregnant. In an interview with Vogue Magazine the forty year old actress said that she and her fiance -- -- slow want kids. They're taking all the necessary steps to make sure it happens. They're freezing my eggs she told the magazine. They want to get as many -- as they can because usually you produce them that they're not good. They have to be perfect. The current told -- she's in the beginning stages of the process taking hormone pills and watching what she eats. The number of eggs a woman produces does declined rapidly. After the age of about 35 and then drops again after forty. There just are not that many eggs left by that point. And is far from the first experts say more and more women are choosing to freeze their eggs later in life. It's no longer that unique for a woman over the age authority to get pregnant with her own egg and carry a pregnancy. Yeah this would be the couple's first child together Loeb who is three years younger has never had kids I remember my -- with the one -- By that I mean he didn't know -- to keep body -- said. This -- -- -- already has a son 21 year old -- Gonzales from her first marriage. And even -- over borrow -- -- was all she can handle with her blossoming career. She says he's been wanting a sibling for years he used to scream and he when he was younger why can you have another babies seeking -- focusing on -- And now it seems he may finally get his wish for Good Morning America Diana Perez ABC news New York.

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{"id":18762601,"title":"Vergara Following Character's Footsteps to Motherhood","duration":"1:43","description":"\"Modern Family\" star tells Vogue magazine that she and her fiance are trying to have children.","url":"/GMA/video/sofia-vergara-characters-footsteps-motherhood-tells-vogue-fiance-18762601","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}