Sofia Vergara on 'Modern Family' Character's Pregnancy

Star of hit ABC show also discusses her reported Emmys wardrobe malfunction.
3:00 | 09/27/12

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Transcript for Sofia Vergara on 'Modern Family' Character's Pregnancy
sitting right here. Sofia remains stunned by what just took place here. Let's welcome tv's sexiest mom to the program. Sofia vergara, "modern family." Emmy-winning show returned in top form last night. What a great episode. When gloria finally reveals that she is pregnant. Of course, she fears her hubby might disapprove. Actually tries to take a very tough stand. It's a wonderful scene. Take a look. I can raise it on my own. I have done it before. And I do it now. I come from a long line of strong latin women, whose husbands are never to be found. Are you done? Yes. Can I say something? Go on. That's the greatest news I've ever heard. It is? I spent a day hearing what my future had in store for me. And I didn't like one bit of it. I felt like my life was ending. And now, you're telling me that I get to have a new start with the woman of my dreams. I think I'm going to cry. Oh. It's great. Sofia, one of my favorite parts about seeing you guys at the emmys, was seeing you and ed together backstage. And seeing the chemistry even from. What was it like shooting that scene? I love it. I have the west time with him at the beginning. When we start the show, i thought it was going to be bored on the set because we have a big age difference. And most of my scenes are with him. Oh, I wanted to be with julie or with jesse. But we've become so much friends. We have a very similar personality. We're very relaxed when we do our job and go home. It's been amazing. He's taught me a lot. That's great. There's real chemistry in that scene. But you also look so authentic pregnant. How do they do that? It's a torture. It really feels like I'm pregnant. Like, I cannot sit normal. I have to, like -- it makes you feel really pregnant. Look at her right there. Wow. Does it give you any warm feeling? No. Those things are sweaty. Yeah. It's so hot. Like 106 degrees in the past months. So, it hasn't been fun for me. What was fun was being there sunday. Oh, yeah. I spoke to you right after. Congratulations on the win for best comedy. And we saw you were very honest with me backstage. You were like, my dress just ripped. And they had the emergency team stitching it up right before. What happened? I don't know what happened. It was perfectly, you know, well, sitting in my thing. And when julie came back to the stage with her award, I wanted to take a picture with her. I got out of my seat. It was like the intermission. I got up. But then, I see my boyfriend and my friend, like, behind me. No. And then, like, what? I reach down, no. The commercial just started. I have to get the pictures. Usually, everybody's like sit down, sit down, the show's going to start. They're like, unless you broke your dress. And I felt and I didn't feel anything bad. You thought it was the whole thing was like a whole window open. Yes. It was a window. Who took the picture? My boyfriend because i couldn't see it. He kept being upset. Like, is the zipper open? Like, sofia, no. Everybody's looking at you. Everybody saw it, right? Yeah. They took the picture. Thank goodness for twitter. The picture and showed me. Look. Stop doing that. We thought you recovered. We have been having fun with the party photos from post-emmy time. You had 19 family members of the party. It was a great party. I don't want to be there alone. When time goes by, what are you going to remember? All those events. I think for me, my closest family. And we have a great time, taking all of them into all of the parties. Me, plus one. So, it's like, I warned them from the beginning, okay. We don't know if we're going to be able to go to all of the parties. You have to pretend. How does your fiance handle the big family? I know he recently popped the question. Your ring is spectacular, by the way. Thank you. How does he handle the big family? That's one of the things that's great about him is he's completely -- he's american. But he completely understands latin blood. He dances with us. He parties with us. He's friends with us. He was playing the bongos when i was dancing. He didn't know what he was doing. But I think he pretends to blend in with us. We've got a lot of fun, too. Speaking of dancing, julie bowen on yesterday. You guys having a danceoff. This was julie on jimmy kimmel. This was julie doing her very best sofia. As we -- hold on. She was making the point that you had made the point that this is american dancing. Basically, the clap and the rock. Yeah. I try to teach them. A whole-body experience. I try to teach them. You have to go all the way. Just like you're standing there with the rhythm. It has to be like -- we're going to have much more with sofia vergara when we

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{"id":17337572,"title":"Sofia Vergara on 'Modern Family' Character's Pregnancy","duration":"3:00","description":"Star of hit ABC show also discusses her reported Emmys wardrobe malfunction.","url":"/GMA/video/sofia-vergara-interview-modern-family-characters-pregnancy-shows-17337572","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}