Sofia Vergara on 'Modern Family' Season 4, New Contest Launch

The actress talks to Josh Elliott and Lara Spencer about her hit show and Pepsi partnership.
3:00 | 08/28/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sofia Vergara on 'Modern Family' Season 4, New Contest Launch
golden globe nominated actress. Star of the abc hit show, "modern family." Hilarious and gorgeous, live in our studio, sofia vergara, everyone. Nice to see now. How are you? Great, great. Hello. Great. What a treat. How is it going? Very good, very happy to be here. New york. I love new york every time that I have a chance to escape, i come to new york. We're so glad. You have to go back soon though. You're nominated for an emmy. Hey! The whole it's a is nominated. It's becoming regular business every year. It's still very exciting. Still a lot of fun. We think -- we feel like it's our own party. It kind of is. You own the nominations. I've been there backstage. You're so relaxed. So honestly genuine with each other. We talked about it all the time with our group on "gma," it's the chemistry that you can't fake. We'rey lucky. Think we love to do the show. We love to be together. Love the be on the set. Sometimes long hours. And there has never been any drama. The kids behave. And the dog is the only one not. Yeah. You know, it's funny. A lot of times, you're there, a few stories looking down on all of us in times square. But I'm not there now. What happened? I don't know. Didn't you tell them I was coming? Write your congressman or woman. You're here for a special project. Tell us about it. I'm excited. I'm teaming up with pepsi, they find out 96% of women are thirsty for more fun in their life. So I'm here to help them. Oh, thanks goodness. You say that? You're working with what product again? With pepsi. I love it. It is actually a very long relationship you have had with the company. We have some almost lost footage. We're going to return it right now. Take a look. that's great. It's a good example of what you do so well. You're so beautiful and yet there's something really funny. What I do well? Just you hopping. The hottest bathing suit. You're a beautiful girl. There's that lucille ball quality of you. We saw a picture you tweeted. Do you feel it in you? I wish. Oh, my god. That's horrible. I wish. I grew up watching "i love lucy." It's one of my favorite tv shows, me and my son would watch it all the time. I love it. This was something we did for a promotion for "modern family." Julie took that picture. I love her. With her special phone that she has. And then shet it to me. I tweeted, I loved it. I felt very -- honoredo be able to look a little bit like lucy with the wig. We were trying to guess. Just for promos? Not part of the show? For pictures for a promotion. You disappeared in there. Well done. At a glance, you're like, wow, look at that. Real quick, what can we expect coming up? Gloria is pregnant. Five months pregnant. Mazel tov. From the first episode of the fourth season, she's going to be pregnant. I already tried three different bellies. The five months, the seven months, and the ninth month. It's horrible. You've been there. You got that. But that one is horrible. It's a sticky plastic thing. Not sexy at all. It's fun to dress gloria now with her same outfits and everything pregnant. She's still going to be sexy with the whole kit and caboodle out there. The emmys in a few weeks. Congratulations. Lara and I will see you out THERE SEPTEMBER 23rd. Everybody, the lovely and talented sofia vergara. and again, "modern family" returns abc, wednesday, SEPTEMBER 26th.

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{"id":17097106,"title":"Sofia Vergara on 'Modern Family' Season 4, New Contest Launch","duration":"3:00","description":"The actress talks to Josh Elliott and Lara Spencer about her hit show and Pepsi partnership.","url":"/GMA/video/sofia-vergara-modern-family-season-contest-launch-17097106","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}