Solar Storm: Disruptive Solar Flare Arriving

Sam Champion tracks the solar eruption and what it means to Earth.
1:52 | 03/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Solar Storm: Disruptive Solar Flare Arriving
Get right to that enormous eruption on the sun's surface -- touched off a major solar flare expected to arrive at this hour. Highly charged energy from the sun sent hurtling toward earth the pictures wasn't -- a stunning and Sam can't wait to tell us. Much more about this any. May be the coolest part Robin is that fact that we can show you pictures right now we learn more about the sun every day and what we do know is that it regularly sends out these bursts of energy. This particles that you care about toward earth at about four million miles an hour now these pictures are from an eruption that happened on Tuesday and all of that energy is expected to graze the planet now you can see the atmosphere -- will the -- there though that the kind of like. Edge of the sun there kind of exploding and sending out those particles and charges now this page from Nellis base prediction center. Look at the lower left hand side and look at that gauge right there that -- -- in real time the particles that are actually hitting the earth and as long as we're in the Green. We're in pretty good shape and right now we are in the Green this morning that they do expect these particles -- -- kind of be racing and grazing over the edge. Win those flares are active. Entire GPS systems can be knocked out satellites power grids disrupted even some airlines have to re route their traffic. Around the polls and not go over that area because of that energy and -- and the last time that we had a major solar flare like this millions of our friends in the north they lost power. Yet if you look at and they happen all the time but some are bigger than others and if you look back at like 1989 it was a really big one. And -- put back in that area there were about to six million people without power. It was a bad winter people were trapped in elevators that kind of thing right now NASA says they're not taking any special precautions they say there's no direct danger to individuals. They are looking at the possibility of some communication problems. But we'll just have to follow it throughout the day there will be very dramatic northern lights over the next couple days all the way through Friday and some cases you'll be -- -- around the Great Lakes into the great northwest and even the appalachians will be able to see -- -- absolutely beautiful -- -- pictures are just. What -- stunning Sam thank you.

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{"duration":"1:52","description":"Sam Champion tracks the solar eruption and what it means to Earth. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15875010","title":"Solar Storm: Disruptive Solar Flare Arriving","url":"/GMA/video/solar-storm-disruptive-solar-flare-arriving-15875010"}