Soldier Home From Iraq Surprises Mom During Traffic Stop

Police dashcam captured Army Staff Sergeant Salomon Robinson surprising his mother.
2:16 | 06/09/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Soldier Home From Iraq Surprises Mom During Traffic Stop
It started out as a routine traffic stop for one military mom in West Point Georgia a couple other over an older that there's a problem with the car. But little did she know she was about to get it they're big surprise outside of the color so and LeRoy U of. Fresh not the clean from my wracked with believe isn't roses in hand army staff sergeant Solomon Robinson loads up for an early morning staked out. West Point police chief Tony Daley waited for Robinson's mother to leave her apartment then you think huge other officers standing by. The border male. You got you back just leave it right. Natalie Alley behind the treaty with the vehicle when the ball and hit run and they would. That's when officer Cameron Mitchell walks back in his car and hands Robinson his mother's ID America but obviously the damage we're talking about about the discretion a car. As it is you that right there that they reported that it was a little bit eventual that's been wonderful while. A very important for you like bag yet. OPEC. Robinson has just two weeks before he must return to wire act for another year. That is it makes it bag. I'm glad that there is that this young man come and home. After serve N three deployments. Protecting us and our freedoms I don't I don't think it there was a single request this young man had this week shouldn't. Should it make happen it was a great experiment this is C reaction and that has enjoyed it is. It's good to give much you can give his mom a heart attack paying into it can't get reaction now go. It's just like good girl good it's great bit them. Imagine it's an issue. We're really looking back knowing that her car to go getter like that okay have your back up but you have to see turner used mum because of it was me out of driven off. I couldn't imagine not just went off roading and have. I think my guys blend or let it didn't go as planned a great surprise for her and we thank futures numbers for the service you.

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{"id":39725886,"title":"Soldier Home From Iraq Surprises Mom During Traffic Stop","duration":"2:16","description":"Police dashcam captured Army Staff Sergeant Salomon Robinson surprising his mother.","url":"/GMA/video/soldier-home-iraq-surprises-mom-traffic-stop-39725886","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}