Soldier Surprises Sons With Unique Present

Military father surprises his children by wrapping himself as a birthday gift.
2:10 | 11/18/11

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Transcript for Soldier Surprises Sons With Unique Present
-- -- -- -- -- What you put up between eighth down remember our close friend -- to a war zone. And for the last year captain -- Burgess has been serving in Afghanistan. Whole year and a few minutes with five year old KOA you'll find out after that. -- -- gold. Now -- Allen must -- and now he's dead. Quote is always on his mind. And we made -- -- -- -- very old in the beginning he's totally excited for five. Won't happen after you don't cure -- -- -- and get -- down a Little -- permanent home field. Sacked 70. You -- they return home hasn't exactly been threatened don't look like. Now he can be -- that -- Determined not to -- permission of the special birthday workers stunned when he opened her. DA didn't -- -- Yet that that putt. Wrapped. And -- -- birthdays that are really close together and really -- one great big present. -- -- Well yeah -- and there are expected. That court quite happily. I don't -- It. -- it. Comparable. Well hello there. How are you. Who need to GI Joseph when your dad he's the real thing. -- company daddy. You know -- -- and with the -- family whole again that distinguishing decoration. And finally come down and you leave that throughout the entire -- and you take it when they come home.

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{"id":14982730,"title":"Soldier Surprises Sons With Unique Present","duration":"2:10","description":"Military father surprises his children by wrapping himself as a birthday gift.","url":"/GMA/video/soldier-surprises-sons-unique-present-14982730","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}