Soldiers' Stories: Book on Iraq War Details Military Experience

Veteran Phil Klay uses real stories to power fictional accounts of war in "Redeployment."
3:00 | 03/14/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Soldiers' Stories: Book on Iraq War Details Military Experience
Hello I'm David Curley and welcome to Yahoo! power players today our guest is -- -- who's written a new book called redeployment. He's a former marine served during the surge and you've written a number of short stories here. Fiction but based on a lot of nonfiction based some a lot of guys that I talked to lot of research had done and also of course you know experience that I had a people I met. We start the book with the story about a dog. Yes dogs I should -- tell me that story between the dogs you are seeing in Iraq and then when you get home. In the strata friends. Mike green is that this second bout of flu you talked about seeing dogs that we. Corpses right stray -- include the reading -- -- street second battle -- -- -- intense urban warfare. So they shot some of the dogs to try and trying to stop them from doing that now and -- stories about a guy's been through that experience and comes back home to his dog that he loves this is has not doing so well. And it's it's. And it's about that transition. And I think you know using the dogs and talking about the dogs was my way -- that. And instead of letting his wife take the dog to the -- to put it down. He basically takes up the dog like you would have in Iraq well you know he's. He's not one to let other people do the hard tasks. For him in a broader sense of part of what you sign up for you sign up to do really hard dangerous jobs that your friends and -- back home in America don't have to you read another story you sort of with -- marine in. In Iraq in many Romans flocking through a mall there right. The reactions. Don't go away didn't do right the the antenna that you have -- in Iraq when you get home it's still there. It's this. -- that you won't need to -- he's he's adapted in order to survive and -- an order protect his flawed because it's not just about his own survival but it's about. Being on point. And and being aware of everything and has an environment any comeback in years you know -- -- shopping mall not only is no longer useful it's actually. Makes it very difficult let's talk about. In Iraq in a military unit but the average American has no idea what this is about. Can you put -- in a couple of sentences. For each time that you -- there are or reach job that you did it's different I got -- -- -- -- -- friends named -- they're both -- -- They both work patrolled the same towns -- was there in 2006 phones are in 2000 in their experiences couldn't have been more different I think. Through fiction you to you know kind. Break apart what that what that means an -- and and what he did to people to go through that and then come come home. These are really engaging stories of fiction how much of view is in here and how much is his buddies who told stories of and how much trouble -- -- head. Coming home after being deployed I was very lucky I had you know -- -- great friends it certainly strange coming back you come back to -- America. That is not fully paying attention right and so -- part of the community that is it's out. -- these these things -- life and death and then. -- good in New York you walk down Madison avenue thing when -- war. And you still feel that even though you have friends who are going back they're going overseas for 56 times sometimes very bad things are happening. This gives folks a sense of what it's like be in Iraq to be in battle. Not to be battle in just worried about what happens the next day what we are hoping to accomplish what -- trying to tell the reader. Just to allow readers to put themselves in the heads. In a different. Marines sailors soldiers minnesotans a lot of difference and people have -- lot of different jobs -- -- did. And I wanted people. The opportunity to step into those roles and think about it really deeply as somebody who spent a little bit of time -- in Iraq around. Your fellow colleagues you've captured a lot of what it's like. It's a great read and I really appreciate -- -- -- -- thank you so much for having me. And thank you for joining us is well on David Curley of ABC news for Yahoo! power players. -- -- --

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{"id":22919745,"title":"Soldiers' Stories: Book on Iraq War Details Military Experience","duration":"3:00","description":"Veteran Phil Klay uses real stories to power fictional accounts of war in \"Redeployment.\"","url":"/GMA/video/soldiers-stories-book-iraq-war-details-military-experience-22919745","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}