Somalia Navy SEALs Rescue: Behind the Scenes

Martha Raddatz details the rescue of the American woman held hostage in Somalia.
2:36 | 01/26/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Somalia Navy SEALs Rescue: Behind the Scenes
The latest on the amazing story that American woman held hostage by pirates in Somalia and rescued by Navy SEALs her family now speaking out about that -- ABC's Martha Raddatz joins us from Washington with the latest on all this good morning -- Good morning Robin just -- -- Buchanan spent her first full night of freedom. At a US military base in Djibouti in good shape given all she has been through. This morning Jessica Buchanan is on her way to a US military base in Italy to reunite with loved ones. After three terrifying months in captivity. Excuses not feel safe for the first time in 93 days the man that numerous clients. -- can't say enough. I'm really really appreciate it. We're learning new details about the raid Tuesday night that saved the 32 year old Buchanan and fellow aid worker sixty year old -- fisted. Seen here in -- proof of life video shot last October. At about 1:40 in the morning -- time 5:40 PM on Tuesday in Washington. Seal team six was aboard a specially equipped C 130 moving rapidly toward the target. A remote encampment deep in northern Somalia one by one the seals hurled themselves out of the plane at high altitude. Parachuting silently to within a few miles of the hideout then hiking in. Within minutes of arriving at the encampment gunfire erupted from the kidnappers. But the seals quickly killed all nine of the heavily armed men. By approximately 2:30 AM local time the hostages now in US hands were moved on board Blackhawk helicopters headed for Djibouti. Buchanan's best friend told ABC news it was important for the hostages to keep the kidnapping quiet. We did it reliance parity -- media hype that -- eyes then to think that she was worth -- and a lot more on her grandson and nanny. Prolong the time that she was -- -- so. A lot of it was -- she loves kids and. Then. -- she is -- and help people on the series and she was there just example. One of the triggers for the raid was Jessica's health which was deteriorating but she certainly on the -- now. And the seals well rob and they are off on the next mission whenever that may be blessed them and their work and of the families so happy. Beginning her back Martha thank you so much.

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{"id":15445894,"title":"Somalia Navy SEALs Rescue: Behind the Scenes","duration":"2:36","description":"Martha Raddatz details the rescue of the American woman held hostage in Somalia.","url":"/GMA/video/somalia-navy-seals-hostage-rescue-behind-scenes-details-15445894","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}