'Soul Train' Creator Commits Suicide

Don Cornelius shoots himself at the age of 75.
1:59 | 02/02/12

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Transcript for 'Soul Train' Creator Commits Suicide
-- fans around the world paying tribute to -- -- -- -- this morning Don Cornelius the man behind soul train. Apparently took his own life Wednesday at the age of 75 for over three decades he still entertain audiences -- soul train line made TV history. ABC's Chris Connelly takes a look back. What Don Cornelius created for television. So -- to become the most influential music program of its time it's all trash. Over the years Stevie Wonder since Jackson's -- And so many other great. Even Aretha Franklin. Bloomberg called -- Cornelius. After -- watch so Chinese. We look -- gentlemen first last and always. Contemporary music by African Americans. Your side -- on network for writing shows back then was placed front and center here with the honeymoon. -- overnight. Almost three maintenance every black person in town -- Don Cornelius rallied and celebrated an entire culture and the became the envy of young people around the world. Because as everyone knew the biggest stars on soul -- weren't the singers they -- the dancers. Haley's comet about 2000 years they -- see what was going about black flag cake -- all the facilities -- -- how we got down. It felt like a blessing from the high priest whose impact will be felt in American music and culture. Long after his death today. -- Good Morning America Chris -- ABC news Los Angeles and an -- love. -- -- Remember -- -- Agnes had this morning really really does damage great --

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{"id":15496364,"title":"'Soul Train' Creator Commits Suicide","duration":"1:59","description":"Don Cornelius shoots himself at the age of 75.","url":"/GMA/video/soul-train-creator-don-cornelius-commits-suicide-15496364","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}