South Africa Seeks to Ban Television Hunter From Country

A photo posted online of Melissa Bachman with a dead lion upsets South Africans.
3:00 | 11/17/13

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Transcript for South Africa Seeks to Ban Television Hunter From Country
All that practice and then that. A big game hunter, who now has a huge target on her own back. The outside tv host has sparked outrage by posting photos of she smiling along with animals she killed. Reporter: This is the shocking image that has sparked international outrage. The bright smile of melissa bachmann stands in contrast to the king of jungle lying lifelessly in front of her. First day in africa. Reporter: Bachmann a minnesota native travels around hunting animals big and small as the host of winchester deadly passion. What an absolute beautiful animal. Check out the size of this rack. Reporter: Even donning a bikini to go bow hunting. Her shooting an african lion ignited a fire storm. It absolute disgust me this whole story and how she can sit there with such pride and smile away. Reporter: Lions like these are beloved in africa, but a new report says 75% of the wild lion population has been killed in the last 20 years and u.S. Estimates they'll be extinct from the wild in the next decade. Not just the lions that have so many outrage, but trophy room, show her proudly posing with her photos. They signed a petition that she never be allowed to return to south africa. Look at the size of this thing. Reporter: We reached out to bachmann and her show and received no comment to counter the many angry comments online. It's thought the hunting part that people have a problem with, it's the total lack of regard for creatures that aren't meant to be eaten or hunted. That's very tough to watch. Now to an adventure of a much less controversial and more

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{"id":20915206,"title":"South Africa Seeks to Ban Television Hunter From Country","duration":"3:00","description":"A photo posted online of Melissa Bachman with a dead lion upsets South Africans.","url":"/GMA/video/south-africa-seeks-ban-television-hunter-country-20915206","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}