Going, Going, Gone? A Southern Democrat's Battle for Electoral Survival

Sen. Mark Pryor vying for 3rd term against challenger Republican Congressman Tom Cotton
3:00 | 01/29/14

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Transcript for Going, Going, Gone? A Southern Democrat's Battle for Electoral Survival
Welcome to the fine for -- I'm just felony in -- Arkansas the state with one of the most competitive senate races in the country. Republicans need six seats to win control the senate they think Tom cotton is the Republican congressman to do it -- Democrat Mark Pryor says not so fast he's fighting for a third. Term senator good morning thank you for having us here in little you. In a state like Arkansas or President Obama got 37%. Of the vote one of the lowest in the country rounding out there 36 point nine I think -- kind. We gonna get want to give too much credit. It's in trying to tighten the present moment how do you navigate around you -- Democrat I think people in this state -- -- in the twelfth here in the senate now. People -- with me they know me this is -- conservatives say that people here are very comfortable with. Some artists and that southern Democrats on the verge of extinction. Would you argue against it. I would argue against that when -- look at Arkansas when he fourteen. I think -- when the governor's race I think when lieutenant governor's race I think when the attorney general's race and probably -- by the statewide races. But I also think -- -- two of the four congressional seats. Obviously the numbers I think that's where it is so forbidding mention this. Well when the senate race coming -- I don't wanna be hockey about it I know I have a hard race on my hands I completely understand. What I'm up against such a big change from 2008 community the luxury of running basically unopposed yet 80% of you must feel this time -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I did back in 2002 peoples that I could win one. Back in 2000 -- they said I was Dead Man Walking it back out of founded be terrible -- -- And this time same thing all these these C prognosticators hallmark cards in trouble is. I think what I find is that it feels very different here on the ground. Now be traveling down in southeast Arkansas. I am gonna go duck -- but I'm gonna go to this Gillette can supper which everybody. I've been coming to the things -- -- Midnight. I think seven days when my dad first problem it seems like I've been here almost every -- -- Glen -- you guys stand -- Just -- this community and all the great things that you all pertinent that you demonstrate right here. You may have noticed from my ball that you can watch TV that also running the United States -- my Bob a lot of their neighbors talking to do standup in the Wake Forest. Davis taught his son on -- Another great way to -- -- You know something is it is definitely happening here Arkansas politically. Across the south what scale is Arkansas on -- -- shifting Republican. My father's first Republican primary was in 2012 for -- -- and had to convince some pretty hard to do that. Arkansas still transition importance of always been a conservative state what is your brand of conservatism. But would say my brand of conservatism is very similar Ronald Reagan's brand limited constitutional government. Individual liberty individual responsibility. Strong national defense Ronald Reagan you -- an elementary schools and when he was elected as the first president and I can remember watching on TV that we've I didn't quite understand what you're asking -- a smaller type of government. In Arkansas on some rural states and government has traditionally been. You know relied upon in in viewed as a necessary partner the brand of conservatism ever represented. -- Reagan's isn't opposed to government it want good government. -- grew up here and are no Arkansas rural Arkansas he went to Harvard undergraduate and law school and why did you decide to join the army. -- in my last year of law school 9/11. When it happened and I just felt that our country was under attack. And as a young able bodied man I wanna do my part to -- fight for our country overseas in Iraq and in Afghanistan what did you learn from that that is. Start with you as you pursue a different kind of public service here and learned as we -- an army that -- it's not possible and longest not forever and that's. Good to -- in congress because there are a lot of -- things that be gone and they might take a long time but that doesn't mean their possible that doesn't mean we can't ever change them. -- have to keep working hard -- single day. -- focus on the objective which is serving the people of Arkansas and trying to make better life for what congressman good luck and we'll see on the trail thank you very much thanks Jeff appreciate it. And that's all for this edition of the fine print in -- Arkansas for ABC news and Yahoo! News I'm -- Sony. Could follow me on Twitter all week long catch a felony we'll see you next time.

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{"id":22292540,"title":"Going, Going, Gone? A Southern Democrat's Battle for Electoral Survival","duration":"3:00","description":"Sen. Mark Pryor vying for 3rd term against challenger Republican Congressman Tom Cotton ","url":"/GMA/video/southern-democrats-battle-electoral-survival-22292540","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}