'Speed Racer' Arrested in Record-Setting Joyride

NYPD charged Christopher Adam Tang with reckless driving after he posted his stunt on YouTube.
2:13 | 09/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Speed Racer' Arrested in Record-Setting Joyride
Driver who police say had a real lead foot is facing charges his video of -- joy ride around Manhattan went viral online but the brakes are on this morning Eyewitness News reporter Anthony Johnson live at east Harlem with the interesting video along with a story morning to you -- -- good quality candidates ready did make a -- stop this morning here at the 25. Police pricing but we wanna say the vehicle that he used its sitting here in the parking lot of the 25. Pretty -- there it is BM WZ four we understand this car can go from zero just 68 and five seconds that according to producer. Carmen but it's just Davis the -- -- -- -- -- this -- at the license tag from British Columbia get a camera mounted on the desk where you could see it -- as a soft job the job was brought into custody now they have to answer questions. Before a judge. They celebrated a record crowd. The mandate -- speed races now in custody his thirty year old Christopher Adams -- And now holds the record for driving around the island of Manhattan and 24 minutes he also has some explaining to do the charges against him. -- include reckless endangerment and reckless driving. But he's -- really -- Did anyone. That is daring dash around the city now ten recorded -- rapid ride on his dashboard cam posting this video on YouTube. Police used the video to actually tracked them down he apparently got on east 116 street headed down the FDR. He admitted to -- to the battery and then headed north on West Street right by the World Trade Center site. Before reaching 116. Street. During its high speed run -- ran at least one light according to police officers again all of this. -- and 24 minutes now let's let's get about. Show -- the car that has once again in the police precinct they'll have to do an investigation of this vehicle but he was already taken into custody earlier. This morning now course Chang is under arrest. But he did break the record the former record was 26 minutes. And three seconds at the -- lives from upper Manhattan Anthony Johnson channels.

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{"id":20178224,"title":"'Speed Racer' Arrested in Record-Setting Joyride","duration":"2:13","description":"NYPD charged Christopher Adam Tang with reckless driving after he posted his stunt on YouTube.","url":"/GMA/video/speed-racer-arrested-record-setting-joyride-20178224","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}