Spice Girl Mel B Plays 'Kiss, Marry, Ditch'

Singer tells "GAA" which of three celebrities she'd rather kiss, marry or ditch.
2:28 | 07/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Spice Girl Mel B Plays 'Kiss, Marry, Ditch'
You want to play a little game with us? "Kiss, marry, ditch." All right. This is our spice girl edition. THEY RULED LATE '90s MUSIC. So did three of our contestants, back when they were living la vida loca. Our contestant number one. Rickie martin. And second contestant went by PUFF DADDY IN THE '90s. Now of course she's a hip-hop mogul. Shawn "diddy combs. And he and his brother had us all singing until we couldn't stop. It's taylor hansen. So, who are you kissing? Let's start with rickie martin. He is actually out as being guy. It's reportedly on his website. I think a guy man's sense of influence is really good. Then if I married him, i wouldn't have to sleep with him. So I think I may marry him. That's good, isn't it? That's a good sell. Great choice. So who are you kissing? You know, my husband past was black. I do like black men, I would have to kiss him. Sorry, I love you, I love you. Anything nice to say about taylor before you put a bag over his head? Oh, bless him. This is our very high tech problem department. Thank you very much. He's a little sweet, a little bit of chest hair but not my type. Really. Yeah, sorry. Bye-bye, brother. Good-bye. All right. She has done that in the nicest way, taylor. Just so we're clear, and very quickly, let's say we wanted to see the spice girls together again. We shouldn't miss the closing ceremonies. Well, we are going to be definitely together december 11th. That's when our musical launches. Performing on a stage. That's what we want to see, what we really, really want. Well, I'm having tea with them next week, so we'll see. Again, mel b., Everybody. Thank you for being here.

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{"id":16872688,"title":"Spice Girl Mel B Plays 'Kiss, Marry, Ditch'","duration":"2:28","description":"Singer tells \"GAA\" which of three celebrities she'd rather kiss, marry or ditch.","url":"/GMA/video/spice-girl-mel-plays-kiss-marry-ditch-gaa-16872688","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}