Spicy Food Showdown: 'Heat Seekers' Recipes

The Food Network's Aaron Sanchez and Roger Mooking prepare favorite hot dishes.
3:56 | 01/23/12

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Transcript for Spicy Food Showdown: 'Heat Seekers' Recipes
It is time to turn -- -- big time with the heat seekers out on Sanchez Roger moving from the Food Network. What do you guys earn your pay the stuff you know national have a so I gotta look good we'd like to bring the heat as they say it and it's not just about the use about the -- well. I don't get how how can you can taste the flavors when it's so hot. Well you know there's some people who have a very deft hand with the Chile and other people. They just want to try to you would do you know also testified about but I don't find out through intense about now I -- -- -- what what's gonna happen. Trying to kill it. I'm safety here we have some Vanilla Ice creams and milk shakes and milk -- -- -- -- fire extinguisher and yes that's the best remedy Larry the -- right. I don't -- Idaho icy blue Josh do you yes I do but I mean come -- yeah. You could help. -- -- -- probably get ready and had met so the idea here is it will go to try to have an escalation of -- this right here in the writing is -- company -- -- that you -- and is considered to be about 300000 so in about forty times higher than -- -- opinion until -- But about a hundred hotter than -- I started to go got kicked up by that Republican election. -- he didn't get it. Not this is for us for -- this war must -- But this is what we can do just a warm up doesn't -- -- everything right because that starts on the July figure Tom. And it starts looking nice kind of a little bit of fire I know they jump to the -- for your mountains like a wildfire and it gets right then you're hosed here. That's another way in -- that I don't know this is not relevant and Margaret let go for played out right here. That let me just you know my little -- -- the winning run from -- in the lands there's dirt bike axle -- -- -- -- -- blue cheese governor Arnold so good holidays ever since Josh Italian assaults are now. And the reason we have these this year is that they say that did it takes about 90% of the caps a good worker pounded so that's what -- don't go to. Oh my arrival I don't have got -- Rosanna. Utility. Not at all not all this is nothing -- hurt them all my lips are burning look at fingertips are burning. I don't know -- woman -- I really didn't sleep last night thinking about it. Positive -- and -- move to the big -- right up until then -- not abide by the another bite mark. That is why I might hurt the second hottest chili dog you know planning -- admitted it couldn't come -- The viper this given their parents legal one you know once argued it -- not really -- under the rules for this is actually. Now -- be put music review. Yeah Bacardi does little -- -- that is the this will look at center hot guys wall. I don't think won't stand. Console -- right around. Josh is gone silent have been. It really awesome. You're turning -- personable when you go to a restaurant. Okay. I want a little Tabasco in my head and say you're covering this stuff up that it. And did you think I just can't get spicy you know -- how did -- actually I -- Colin you -- -- evil made it -- no one's gone for the remedy what. I'm sad time for more than 10 my god held by the -- dollar and. And with the and I'll do. I'll be getting a million and that I mean. We don't have -- the you -- Here's on the -- network our guys did okay. Ky not believe it made its. Yeah. -- and chili powder from this -- Alan yeah. -- -- --

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{"id":15420502,"title":"Spicy Food Showdown: 'Heat Seekers' Recipes","duration":"3:56","description":"The Food Network's Aaron Sanchez and Roger Mooking prepare favorite hot dishes.","url":"/GMA/video/spicy-food-showdown-heat-seekers-recipes-15420502","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}