Spielberg Returns to Directing for 'War Horse'

Multi-Oscar winner chats with Katie Couric about adapting story for big screen.
5:03 | 12/14/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Spielberg Returns to Directing for 'War Horse'
You know it's been three years since Stephen Spielberg directed a movie that was the fourth Indiana Jones worth the wait will now he is back. In the director's chair with a movie that everyone is talking about war force any talk with ABC's Katie Couric about the story that -- the multi Oscar winner. We -- we thought himself he came back that's right and. Great Robin key person -- -- as -- you know it was a best selling children's book. Then it was a sell out playing now Steven Spielberg has turned war horse into a feature film that promises to -- this year's other Oscar contenders. A run for their money. In his legendary forty plus year career. Steven Spielberg has directed dinosaurs. Aliens. And sharks. So it should come as no surprise that the start his latest movie is not Hanks or Hoffman -- also. Reuters I don't have to rely on that I don't have to give undue attention to my store. When in fact in this story my stars Jolie as the horse warm Morse is about the special bond between Albert. And I can't speak English farm boy and his beloved cult Joey. -- -- -- -- -- But when World War I intervenes and Joey is sold into the surface of The British Army both man and horse. Muskogee fearlessly into battle. -- It's a whole system and -- invention. I guess it's -- subject Spielberg says that's near and dear to his heart. My daughters. Hunter jumper and my wife. You know -- sergeant still doubles and it and we live with horses and and that was another thing that really invited me into this process. I note that in the fox the story is told. Through the horse's -- and -- ideas. And unless she would want it to make mr. -- the movies that Michael will put -- remember him no real world and -- over. Shame it is -- a little bird. -- -- -- That's that would have more I'd try to do the -- version of this knowledge and -- -- the -- version nor did he want to reproduce the full sized puppets that'd been used in the Tony award -- playing. Instead Spielberg chose to let the success of his equestrian -- ride on the expressions of his equine star. I realized early on the horses talk to you in the way they look at you they talked to you in the way their -- look at you. And and that there's a lot more expression you know person people give her credit for what they demanding that they asked for extra sugar -- -- there trailers here. I'll tell -- what they worked. That -- beyond demanding what they did was they would suddenly get into a sequence in an unscripted fashion. They would be reacting to the actors to Peter Malone who played the dad -- a whole scene we're Joey. Decided he really like Peter -- a lot of -- jacket he was wearing and would not -- Peter orders jacket alone and these are just things you don't expect you don't count on a when they happened. You you just go -- And come next weekend Spielberg will be in a different kind of horse race. Competing against himself at the box office with his other movies the 3-D animated adventures and ten. Clearly he wouldn't be doing this if you still didn't get a huge. Charge -- of making movies yet doesn't change it doesn't change the same level excitement has been with me ever since I first. Picked up. Eight millimeter movie camera -- -- was a kid. Slowly moving down the street like this. And speaking of super eight that is yet another movie -- produced in 2011 he produce six movies -- all the here two of which he directed. And also had a hand in for TV -- so clearly at 64 Robin he's showing no signs of slowing down. He's such a nice person by the way -- -- Huffington -- Smart and so creative and you did this on location that in Richmond where he's already working on his next that's right -- -- at Richmond Virginia that's right my home state media he rarely lets journalists walk around his set but he was nice enough to let me. Walk around they transformed the state capital in to Washington DC it's about the -- the last four months of Lincoln's life. Based on Doris Kearns Goodwin's book team of rivals and he's got an incredible past Daniel Day-Lewis Sally Field. Tommy Lee Jones and it's going to be a great movie I can't wait -- that comes out when do we have to wait for the election doesn't want any either psyches that his political fodder because both lay claim -- Sort of being the Party of Lincoln -- of them that went for Republican Party and that so he's -- that for that reason.

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{"id":15152627,"title":"Spielberg Returns to Directing for 'War Horse'","duration":"5:03","description":"Multi-Oscar winner chats with Katie Couric about adapting story for big screen.","url":"/GMA/video/spielberg-returns-directing-war-horse-15152627","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}