Spike Lee Discusses 18-Day Shoot of New Film

"Red Hook Summer" explores religion, gentrification inside a New York housing project.
3:00 | 08/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Spike Lee Discusses 18-Day Shoot of New Film
CC1 Test message Spike lee has never been one to shy away from tough topics. Hi new film is no different. Religion and life in a brooklyn housing project are just some of the things tackled. He shot his new film, "red hook summer "? Just 18 days. What drew you back to brooklyn? I never left. This is another chapter. My ongoing chronicles of brooklyn, new york. Got to have it. Do the right thing. He got game. Crooklyn. Clockers. A few titles we all know. Keep them going. A lot of stories. A lot of great people there there. The main character is a grandfather. He's a preacher. His grandson. Baptist preacher. He introduces his grandson to the housing project. Take a watch. Can I speak with you a minute? We're good, son. Father. All the more reason for you to come and see us. The lord has a plan for you. Can't you see I'm busy out here man? Is that what your mama played for for all these years? Building up little heaven? Is this what she wanted for you? You better take that claw off me preacherman or the next time you mention my mother's name -- no disrespect. I wanted you to meet my grandson flik here. He's going to be here for the rest of the summer. Okay, I met him. And -- and flik is going through a lot of changes. Moved from atlanta to visit with his grandfather. Doesn't move. He espns the summer with his grandfather in the red hook from jekts. There's major plot twist in the middle of the movie. What the message you're trying to impact at viewers see this movie? I have been making physical i -- films 1986. I'm out of the business telling people what to think. I think audiences are too intelligent. They make up their own minds. Is it about redemption? Some of it. If you tell people everything, what will they discover. You brought back a character. Mookie, the delivery man. From "do the right thing." Do you like making the cameo appearances? A la hitchcock? At the end of "do the right thing." Sal's famous pizza burned down. He moved the pizzeria from bed sty to red hook. In addition to directing and keeching. 15 years as a professor. You're on broadway now with mike tyson. I am. Directing him in "undisputed truth." Your wife is trying to get yoto take "do the right thing" to broad ray. Is it going to happen? I'm speaking to james neederlander about it. You shot some of this in the housing project that carmelo anthony grew up in, right? Many homages to melo. Are they going the take gold in london? No doubt. No doubt. We should mention, linsanity, are you over it? Done. Gotta move on. All right. I like the way you think. "Red hook summer" opens this ♪

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{"id":16939152,"title":"Spike Lee Discusses 18-Day Shoot of New Film","duration":"3:00","description":"\"Red Hook Summer\" explores religion, gentrification inside a New York housing project.","url":"/GMA/video/spike-lee-discusses-18-day-shoot-film-red-16939152","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}