Spiritual Leaders Discuss Role of Faith in Our Lives

William Lori, Jeannie Mayo, Miles McPherson talk about the message of faith.
5:02 | 12/25/12

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Transcript for Spiritual Leaders Discuss Role of Faith in Our Lives
It is a christmas tradition here at "good morning america," to bring the other group of spiritual leaders to talk about the role of faith in our lives. Joining us, the arch bishop of baltimore, also, miles MacPHERSON, FORMER SAN DIEGO Charger and l.A. Rams draftee. Also the head pastor and founder Good morning to you all. So much peak about, especially right now, in this country. And the role that faith plays. And how we rely on it, I think, in times of great need. Just days ago, tragedy struck. In fact, a town very near and dear to your heart, archbishop, the town of newtown, connecticut. Until a few months ago, I was the bishop there. And visited newtown many times. The news struck home in a deep and personal way. When you know the community and you know some of the people. I probably confirmed some of the siblings of those children. The pastor there, and the two priests, are my former colleagues. So, you really feel what they're going through. I've had a lot of people ask me on twitter, actually, people pointing out in these times, people do tend to turn to god and to faith. And it becomes the bedrock. What are your congregations saying about this? And what are you telling them? Well, you , hurt is significant. Fear, significant. But to say, hey, god's promises really are like the stars at night. They shine brightest when it's darkest. When you have faith, the person who has the significant why, can bear what comes. It takes something like this to get us to pray, to get us to church and talk about him. People are learning more about commandos, killing commandos, than god's commandments. Could tell us, I want you to teach my kids about prayer before this happens. Teach them about my commandments before this happens and maybe it wouldn't happen. And you'll be prepared for it. It inspired a great deal of fear. And parents are wondering how to talk to their kids. There were many instances where the headlines might have evoked a certain fear. How do you deal, again, with adverse times, that seem at times, to have no end? I think number one, we come together. We rely on the lord. But we also come together as a community to pray. When we're in difficult times, we need each other. If you're unemployed, if you don't have the necessities of life, if you have troubles in the family, the lord wants us to be connected to him. But through him, to one another. That's what church is about. That's what community is about. Solidarity is about. And that's what we also do to contribute to our larger society, is by modeling what this sense of oneness and solidarity in the lord is all about. And I think, you know, we've had terrible things, especially with hurricane sandy and the economy. But I think it's our perspective to please god not to please ourself. Not living to be happy but to be holy. We have a different perspective when unfortunate things happen. They're opportunities for us to help someone. They're opportunities to grow closer to the lord. The reason people get angry, we don't get what we want. We love and we desire things we want. But if all we want is to please god and praise god, things happen in our life, how do i respond to this and draw closer to you? It's a different world, as well. I want to ask you, archbishop. It's the year that the pope joined twitter. Social media, impacting, I think the role of faith in our lives. You were in rome when this happened. I was there. I saw him do it. And the role of social media is so important. For example, in the archdiocese of baltimore, we're using the social media to reach out to the folks in newtown. Having everybody in the archdiocese to offer prayers. They're coming in through our social media. And we're communicating that up to the folks in newtown. Just as a way -- it really can bring people together. It's got its down sides. But we can also use it for the gospel. The collective love and outpouring on twitter, certainly important. Thank you so much. It's a wonderful tradition. It's great to have all of you here. Happy holidays to you all. Lara? Thank you, josh.

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{"id":18060831,"title":"Spiritual Leaders Discuss Role of Faith in Our Lives","duration":"5:02","description":"William Lori, Jeannie Mayo, Miles McPherson talk about the message of faith.","url":"/GMA/video/spiritual-leaders-discuss-role-faith-lives-18060831","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}