Celebrities Face Fears, Compete in High-Dive Competition

ABC's "Splash" follows celebrities' training to dive off a 10-meter board.
2:06 | 03/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Celebrities Face Fears, Compete in High-Dive Competition
What happens when you combine a healthy fear of heights with -- Bathing suits celebrities. In a nationwide audience you just might make. That's why you always have it nervous -- just having -- -- debut of ABC's new highly anticipated competition show will be. -- -- I think with the stars as we see actors singers and athletes. Get a lot more than their feet away. To learn that they can culprit that only swirling fear the big one that's ten meter -- I thought -- -- myself. First with a smaller got us. Advising me the greatest diver of our time Olympic medalist Greg Louganis. Also happens to be the coach on splash and I -- -- I've made my wages and full time. -- -- Former playmate and reality star Kendra Wilkinson knows what it's like to -- So splashing yet some of the stars that come. Lately their friend that his name but they're different he had yet to the stars you have you have hope all the time there's a window hope you -- -- -- seen. It's like you do it for you don't you know. Do or die basketball. Legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar says the heights don't really scare him off he can read back in the -- he's just your brooms to jump -- like it. Intentional Roberson of the six -- road competitors strikes fear of heights. -- -- Davis encourages splash contestants to just have fun. Mine industry -- smile this could breathe and smile most important thing yeah -- remember anything else. -- -- and ABC news policy. Let me add one more thing brief smile and -- Splash premieres tonight an 8:7 central right here on ABC's.

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{"id":18763187,"title":"Celebrities Face Fears, Compete in High-Dive Competition","duration":"2:06","description":"ABC's \"Splash\" follows celebrities' training to dive off a 10-meter board.","url":"/GMA/video/splash-premiere-celebrities-face-fears-compete-high-dive-18763187","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}