Attacks on Amish

Police say the group would hold down Amish men and women to cut their hair.
2:17 | 10/18/11

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Transcript for Attacks on Amish
A renegade on this gang accused of forcibly cutting off women's hair and men's beards ABC's Sharon -- -- has more. On these attacks is something you thought you'd never saint Thomas on on this crime yet they've never really delve into the night as the farm bizarre personal -- -- -- -- because the attackers are also -- -- The victims have included a fourteen year old girl who had her hair chopped off and a 74 year old man -- his beard -- For the close -- Amish communities and rural Ohio piety is prize. And now a broad group has allegedly broken all the rules by at least stripping away their peers most recognizable. And sacred feature their hair. For them it is really a prime public symbol. Of their Amish faith and identity very shameful to have. -- cut in at least four incidents since September 6 Amish up to age 74 have allegedly been held down. As -- long hair and beards were violently hacked away. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Investigators say Sam mullet and a strange member of the Amish community in berg holds Ohio is the ringleader behind the attacks. Three of the five men arrested are his side Bob commerce -- years -- moments hired driver a necessity for destinations too far for buggies. -- Sausalito. Him. There was extremely. Angry and. They are cutting was. The renegades. Retaliation. For the fact that other Amish. Leaders. Were helping him so to speak and criticizing him. The shaky and few of the victims have come to the authorities for help -- traditionally handle disputes inside their community. -- admits the attacks were in response to criticism but denies ordering them directly. He has not been charged. And many of the victims of this case have refused to testify saying it goes against their religion they believe in forgiveness above all things. At the same time however a local gun shop owner reports sales of firearms have spiked in the last few weeks -- -- -- look to protect themselves. Many of the victims have been dragged out of their homes in the middle of the night as their families watch federal investigators are now said to be considering hate crime charges.

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{"id":14759421,"title":"Attacks on Amish","duration":"2:17","description":"Police say the group would hold down Amish men and women to cut their hair.","url":"/GMA/video/splinter-group-arrested-attacks-amish-14759421","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}