Splurge or Steal: Trendy Winter Boots

Good Housekeeping style director Lori Bergamotto dishes on this season's hottest trends.
4:01 | 01/23/15

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Transcript for Splurge or Steal: Trendy Winter Boots
about that. Time to play save or splurge. This is our winter boot edition. We're going to see three of the hottest looks that work for weekend and out on the town. Our audience have save or splurge paddles. Do you have them? You guys will guess and "Good housekeeping" style director Lori bergamotto is with us to put us to the test. Hi, Lori. Hello, good morning. So first style that we're seeing is -- A work look. A lot don't think you can wear a snow boot to work. They think you have to change which is fine but we'll show you can bring it to work and take it with you the whole day. All right. Let's see our first look. Come on out, girls. We do have twins so here we have them. Can you see that they are not in the tall me boot which a lot of women do and wear and we love that but this is going to be a style, this combat boot style. Young and hip. It is very hip but I'm telling you, Lara. Anybody can pull this off. Really? Really. You don't just have to wear it with jeans. You'll see it across every mall and every shop. This is the way to wear it to work. Let me ask, which one is Christine and crystal. Who is who? Christine. And crystal. That we can't reveal who is the save and who is the splurge. That's right. One is very expensive. One is a little less expensive. Not a bargain so, audience, which one is the save and which one is the splurge on the combat-style winter fluffty inside boot. That's a technical term. I think we're talking about Christine. Raise your hand a little bit. So is she a save or splurge? Safer or splurge. She's the save. She is the -- reveal -- the splurge. This is an almost $500 boot by Stuart Weitzman. Crystal is in the madden girl boot, $75. This is the madden girl boot that is the save. So the difference is 500 to 74.99. Get it at bonton.com. Let's go to our weekend looks. Thank you, twins. Another set of twins coming up. Katie and Christie. Ski town, walk around. A boot that's popular with celebs. It is. I think the park city is happening right now. Sundance, you'll see a lot of celebs wearing this. The high-end version. The style is very functional. The style is very functional. Can you find them at a lot of different price points and want to talk about our model on the left, that would be Katie, yes. Okay, so, audience, Katie -- Is she the save or splurge? What do you think? Okay. So -- They think she's the save. And she is -- okay. I was with you on that one. As Lara was saying the higher end is the Sorrell, $150 miss Katie is in a boot by kmart for 34.99. I like them. Ter a little lighter but you can take dish soap and clean those suckers off. Do we have time for one last look. Really quick. Going out, Mel and going out on the town. You're feeling animalistic. I can relate to that. Which one is the save. Let's go to -- what's your name. Mel. Is Mel the save or splurge? I'm going to go with the she is the splurge. Mel, reveal. The save! So the price difference here is huge. The montclair is 510 and these are 79. Information on this on our website, goodmorningamerica.com. The point is you can have great style. Don't have to spend a lot. Thank you so much, Lori bergamotto. We'll head out to ginger up --

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{"duration":"4:01","description":"Good Housekeeping style director Lori Bergamotto dishes on this season's hottest trends. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28428696","title":"Splurge or Steal: Trendy Winter Boots","url":"/GMA/video/splurge-steal-trendy-winter-boots-28428696"}