Will Spray-On Caffeine Replace Coffee?

Two inventors claim their aerosol caffeine can have big advantages over a cup of joe.
3:34 | 08/22/13

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Transcript for Will Spray-On Caffeine Replace Coffee?
Would you consider trading in your cup of coffee for a spray-on caffeine? No. And why do you have to choose in life? This is interesting. TWO YOUNGcaW INVENTORS CAME UP WITH This aerosol. You spritz it on like perfume. And it has advantages for people on the go. Juju chang has our story. Why do you feel so tired? Reporter: Judging from these ads, we're a nation of people in need of a jolt. Caffeine lovers, pick your favorite pick-me-up. What are you drinking? Your morning coffee. Your midday brewster. It's usually in the form of a drink. Or maybe a pill. But now, two innovators have a new approach. Sprayible is a revolutionary new way to get your energy. Reporter: They are the brains behind the potential product. Spray-on caffeine, absorbed through the skin. In coffee energy drinks, you get all of the caffeine at once. And then, it just leaves your system. Reporter: According to the makers, each bottle would contain 160 sprays. Each pump equal to a quarter cup of coffee. That's 40 cups of coffee per bottle. You can carry it in your pocket. In your car, on your desk. And get the energy you want anytime. This is, in medication, in some sense, that can have more serious consequences. Reporter: In the end, it may come down to one thing -- will people like gene trade in his four cups a day habit for a spritz? I don't think I would need more caffeine. It is a ritual. And the heat of the coffee and the way it tastes. Reporter: You're an addict. Aren't we all? Reporter: If you've sworn off coffee. If you could get caffeine with a spray, that would be ideal for you. Absolutely. I would give it a shot. Reporter: For "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, new york. Time to wake up and smell the aerosol. Let's bring in our medical contributor, dr. Jennifer ashton. Caffeine, water and an amino acid derivative. But no regulation from the fda. No approval. We have to remember, caffeine is a drug. It is the most commonly used drug in the world. So, I don't care how you get it. Whether you snort it, drink it, put it on your skin, breathe it in the air. It can have toxicity. You talk about how much you're using, how big the person is. When you talk about skin delivery, where you put it on on your body will have different rates of absorption. One of our crew guys said. How are you going to add the half and half and the sugar? Theyñí I love the ritual for the coffee. For so many of us, certainly here. The makers of the product claim it is safer than energy drinks because there's no calories and a lot less caffeine. And it's good for people who get jittery. You can get just as jittery if you put enough of this on, first of all. And the claims of its safety, we can't evaluate that. It hasn't been studied head-to-head. And we don't have long-term data. We probably remember of some of the teenagers that died using that muscle rub. Anything that you put on your skin, can be absorbed into your bloodstream. Technology is a wonderful thing. I agree that -- yeah. You could do this. But why? Why? Absolutely. We do like to drink that cup of coffee. I'm going to work on inventions TO PUMP THROUGH THE HEAT AND AIRwí Conditioning. The aroma. Thank you dr. Jen. Also on the "heat index,"

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{"id":20033573,"title":"Will Spray-On Caffeine Replace Coffee?","duration":"3:34","description":"Two inventors claim their aerosol caffeine can have big advantages over a cup of joe.","url":"/GMA/video/spray-caffeine-product-aims-replace-coffee-20033573","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}