Sprayable Energy? Does it Work?

We tested Sprayable Energy to see how its buzz holds up to coffee and energy drinks.
2:18 | 10/10/13

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Transcript for Sprayable Energy? Does it Work?
In is that in Sony and look pretty company -- -- energy. The product is a -- spread your skin to get the energy would from -- -- acts. To the challenge today is to -- No -- a copy but instead try this new spray able energy it is species -- happy one. -- to the. These parents -- users there are are really expected -- to be all. It's not that -- jittery necessary -- be over alertness that. People get used you -- -- for something a bit more natural. This morning that the united them anyhow this morning that he felt energized without having -- copies that would that -- did something. It doesn't feel like a cup of coffee -- more likely -- -- -- fire energy. You. Most recent warm spray and other -- -- -- experience. Says the safety in terms -- numbers praise for days. -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll be saying he shouldn't have more than -- court when he bats raising his day in the next single product that you can really control how much -- spray. There's there's two. Real -- -- that that. Cult that maintain the safety of the product the first being your skin can only absorb certain -- Epstein. It really depends on the inside important things like that. So it's a question Taylor's friend just to make sure -- stay beautiful concert. Business. -- -- about my shoes. About a sixteen hour days at -- the no soda only drink water stations from work. And it works I -- he's freezing the morning which is a group were about to go the he was -- afternoon sixty experts brutal. Katie no idea what we're cups of coffee which is more than normally injury. The fact that it had any coffee or soda and only gets re how silly local. It's free --

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{"id":20532697,"title":"Sprayable Energy? Does it Work?","duration":"2:18","description":"We tested Sprayable Energy to see how its buzz holds up to coffee and energy drinks. ","url":"/GMA/video/sprayable-energy-work-20532697","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}