Spring Clean and Lean: Vacuum Aerobics

Becky Worley reveals cleaning techniques that could help slim down waistlines.
3:02 | 03/19/12

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Transcript for Spring Clean and Lean: Vacuum Aerobics
-- spring arrives tomorrow and there is now a cool new way to lose weight as the weather gets warmer you don't even have to leave your house you can actually. -- -- While you clean our Becky Worley joins us now via Skype from her home with more I have to be honest Becky on -- story I had waited all morning to -- good morning to you. Couldn't lending just this one is a class OK we've got something that is universally hated -- -- Then you've got exercise. You do when you can write what you could combine the two and get a serious work out as good as at the -- While cleaning. Dog hair on the -- there's dog hair on the floor toys everywhere something unspeakable stuck to the kitchen floor he -- It's the perfect time to get -- Well -- says Carolyn Barnes and -- -- creator and that clean mumbled work out and left sixty parents can do it after my -- or how'd she do it. While cleaning a hard task in -- Need to pick up kids toys great opportunity for some -- Traditionally. -- -- Caroline says yeah. Want to get more muscular arms. If you say to a person you 200 which picketing that I -- but if you happen to attend at a turning -- -- Dishes are an opportunity for parents version of the Brazilian but worked out and her signature. The bracket drag drag 151. That's my heart rate when I run. -- Caroline workouts cleaning compared to. Traditional house first old school clicked his -- on -- blocking -- dust. Likely to select twenty minutes or 64 calories now clean Carolyn went lunged through my -- giving. Pushups and -- of the sink and drag drag is no joke. Asked -- -- minute I'm tired. I -- a 10988. Calories that's more than any kind -- calories burned while cleaning old school. Canceled so we decided finally -- Actually -- really just want to help with my house. First up. Countertop kicked out -- lower Adams. Next laundry room triceps he's accepting. Finally the windows lots and -- raises I would do windows no real winner just a -- house and historic Brazilian bus. I wish. Net Terrell -- philosophy is that it takes thirty days to form -- habits you have to commit and of course she has a website dvds and soon a book coming out just to help you clean. Well getting ER yeah. Well then I have no hope whatsoever back -- -- will say the entire studio was transfixed for every moment of that report and we thank you for that. -- --

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{"id":15952914,"title":"Spring Clean and Lean: Vacuum Aerobics","duration":"3:02","description":"Becky Worley reveals cleaning techniques that could help slim down waistlines.","url":"/GMA/video/spring-cleaning-exercise-tips-stay-lean-vacuum-aerobics-15952914","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}