Spring Fashion Trends: Flirty Hems, Printed Pumps

Glamour magazine's Tracey Lomrantz reveals styles sure to impress this season.
2:49 | 03/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Spring Fashion Trends: Flirty Hems, Printed Pumps
You. I know I had time to get some new clothes new looks -- -- ultimately that is -- Events from Glamour Magazine as a new trend that we want to talk about -- try to help our viewers -- how do you do not easy. He hadn't come in this -- all varieties -- back. Tell me more than -- they're -- definitely experiencing a rebirth renowned investor email addresses and skinny jeans have dominated her closets for so many -- and his parents are really strengthen and suddenly they're refresh button in your spring Georgia -- into the -- and Tracy is given -- some great -- lots of great idea as. Shall we look at our first not -- Tests but -- come up -- -- Okay. -- -- Hanley wood products -- when you talk collection. It's really ladylike you'd really college yeah Atlanta's top sellouts -- all this because it has not sophisticated kind of diet Syrian. Now a lot of women are going -- -- -- no chance that the negative exacerbate the midsection he knew of the -- and he can actually be really flattering just minor side to visit. Sentiment a between a box clean and a nice -- -- Medium size beverages from hot like 68 dollars exclusively moving -- really yeah. At this great little and I. It's certainly -- -- looked better. Everything underneath it and debating it hits the -- -- all right well thank you only -- happy -- on new. Here we just want the case doesn't actually you already have an hour Trujillo later reinvented that he's in his with a great -- -- and yeah just a little extra. -- or piece of fabric that calls right -- the midsection. And then. -- pastels and huge universe springs so this isn't really new fast yeah. Canceled sometimes aren't getting any 919 it is awfully cute I know what a lot of -- thinking at home. Kaplan is again and again exacerbate this one happens to be insanely flattering has really can't you hide everything it's also that it's. Anyways yeah sort. Let's get her back to Victorian times yeah he did find new ways -- -- -- mostly -- that's a small section of her right now we when we were not met fabric. -- thank you so much time more -- lot of hot act. We'll talk about issue. Anything either platform comes from Steve not in their 89 dollars. Who really don't have pattern of your women is not comfortable doing it I didn't tell just -- simple little cuts in -- next. With a pattern on the -- this case imagine a man lying on senate and the voluntary review. -- in the that he. In the -- and not always yeah. -- -- got some really yeah well Shannon. -- -- -- -- -- I friendly yeah river when he won its 2080s and even. I'm getting on the Pentagon and nothing I'm saying -- mixed -- yeah. Great an extent he's my anger and one neutral like we've done here with a black -- are right I love you. Let me thank you so much yeah. We do have more information -- -- I. Thank you -- yeah yeah.

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{"id":15985598,"title":"Spring Fashion Trends: Flirty Hems, Printed Pumps","duration":"2:49","description":"Glamour magazine's Tracey Lomrantz reveals styles sure to impress this season.","url":"/GMA/video/spring-fashion-trends-flirty-hems-printed-pumps-15985598","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}