St. Patrick's Day Recipes: Danny Boome's Irish Feast

The "Rescue Chef" host cooks Irish corned beef on "GMA."
4:00 | 03/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for St. Patrick's Day Recipes: Danny Boome's Irish Feast
Any room here to help. Here agencies to Q and we're happy to have you here premier English not Irish but you're in the spirit well -- Bethlehem in this area I cannot and that's very experts have been in New York. This -- full -- what kind of be seen in many ways actually these -- reading simple things you can actually not a Jesus thank Patrick's day what you could issues and any time and great family and very cheap meals as well let -- go. So I think the first thing we're gonna -- kicking off with these traditional. Irish corned beef and boy who would call -- they typically aren't they don't make my director and basically we're gonna use a brisket. What call will be -- people used to think he was. Beef make what fed with ground but I she was the preservative that they reduce its assault is -- -- -- And it was that corn -- So the cold and that's how it is so young and flavor that's for the it was a pretty inexpensive cut it is and what is this is -- public how it's embraced in the first flight Berry fats the -- and that's what we're gonna boil it thanks very flight who -- a spot equal. By Eva from all right so we're gonna take this look. -- beautiful piece of me into. A good twelve to 6612 inches of boiling water. I -- -- but within that. And put anything on the administration's largest strengths the Warner RKY the white -- it before with because he's been very brief bid in borrowings -- needs to be. So what breathe a little bit wash it off then had two whole onions. -- -- And then we're gonna cook that the three and a half hours archive can be if -- Paper and lazier and you'll know how high the -- okay. Get a good -- had a I think those that so we've got beyond the Buddha boiled up nicely just -- were -- to thirty minutes and and and dropping them on a very low simmer. I just cook it like three and a half hours after three and a balance you gonna then -- Well basically potatoes carrots cabbage and will that turn of the thirty minutes and you. People all the ingredients in the biggest source been put in the -- About 37 fife and cooking or through the -- and it's easy to be easy to Iraq how easy how many -- make -- -- never we have to go with that we have. And every. -- aren't so -- -- -- that we cabbage and some are done it's really nice -- can red cabbage Brussels sprouts and yeah. Nearly it is sassy and you know what -- use this for Thanksgiving and the holidays. At everything and Robin -- got out. I don't believe that what we can usually these these are multi cooker now believes he felt that this is angry and modern version of the crock pot if he's credited to everything and about pop. You can't really make Royce or secret -- everything she can become Friday you can cook and so tight that I didn't consider in the skillet. Which are really really love this woman because the biking kicks it off and he's in nonstick pan you don't refused but that -- -- EC's the -- it will averaged ten someone -- -- Really -- and -- you know what. Cabbage is full of water says he does not -- the boiled cabbage is cut in rule -- carrots as well. And now basically has -- the president get hall they'll just throw out awarded him and the cooking abilities is really deliberated. And he got a real -- here we got to do the -- absolutely now. -- a couple of fast food chains that neither of the shekel the shamrock -- we have like yeah. Yeah. -- -- I'm saving you money America -- Some credit putting some cream -- some milk -- right. I think he's always well if you got lactose intolerant people in the finally a couple of blocks of ice -- Is there are good is not -- -- -- absolutely not going. -- -- -- off and down a couple of teaspoons of peppermint extract me in my and then this is the case -- food coloring. Jack you what -- you -- here. The junk convinced that on our website and -- -- has not come on Yahoo! doesn't tell -- how to keep -- -- absolutely. An indefinite paid -- -- -- get your credit they stay --

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{"id":15935850,"title":"St. Patrick's Day Recipes: Danny Boome's Irish Feast","duration":"4:00","description":"The \"Rescue Chef\" host cooks Irish corned beef on \"GMA.\"","url":"/GMA/video/st-patricks-day-recipes-danny-boomes-irish-feast-15935850","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}