Stacy Keibler's 21-Day Cleanse

George Clooney's girlfriend reveals her diet and exercise secrets.
1:55 | 06/24/13

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Transcript for Stacy Keibler's 21-Day Cleanse
"heat index," stacy keib leer is revealing her beauty and fitness secrets and opened up about her intense diet and exercise regime in "new beauty" magazine and let me say it's working based on that cover shot and linzie janis checked it out. Reporter: Famous for her skyscraper legs, dance moves and her beau, george clooney and now stacy keibler is sharing her secrets. I try to eat a lot of organic vegetables and fruits. Reporter: The former "dancing with the stars" contestant is "new beau magazine's latest cover girl and revealing her health regime and super strict diet called the clean cleanse saying "my life changed when i did the 21-day clean program. I eliminated sugar, fruit, beans, corn and gluten and looked at it like an experiment with my body. It sounds really extreme. It is absolutely extreme but I do really like that she has dramatically reduced the amount of sugar in her overall diet and taken out all packaged processed foods. Reporter: But what else goes into her glamorous glow? My fitness tip is to try to sweat every single day. ♪ When you see it. Reporter: The key to keeping those never ending legs red carpet ready, cellulite busting body brushing. I've actually just started getting into lymphatic brushing that is really, really great to get your cells moving and your lymphatic system moving and you'll see a difference. Reporter: Stacy is just open. She really is just a likable, warm, genuine person. Reporter: Top tip from the beauty who's managed to snag one of hollywood's hottest and most ee losistic bachelors. For "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. All right, well, there you have it. Lymphatic brushing. Lymphatic brushing. Twice a day. Secrets reveal sfwld she looks great, I mean honestly. Okay, baby, oh, royal baby,

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{"id":19472178,"title":"Stacy Keibler's 21-Day Cleanse","duration":"1:55","description":"George Clooney's girlfriend reveals her diet and exercise secrets.","url":"/GMA/video/stacy-keiblers-21-day-cleanse-george-clooney-girlfriend-19472178","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}