Stars Reunite for 'Thelma & Louise' 25th Anniversary

Robin Roberts sits down with actors Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis to commemorate the film's anniversary.
4:12 | 04/28/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Stars Reunite for 'Thelma & Louise' 25th Anniversary
Never DNA exclusive we first hit Thelma and Louise 25 years ago when Susan Sarandon and Gena Davis. Took the big screen mode Robin had a chance to sit down with the two stars so let's go back to her now must do know Robin. Until around nine A the F had a chance to sit down with the both Tina Davis and Susan Sarandon they took the road trip of a lifetime. And so many of us we're just thrilled to go along for the ride especially. In that car. Just bring you down memory lane when there and now expanding here in a damn thing you elude to. You know Diane sore and I we called ourselves though leans we're always. She gets top billing. So she'd choose she was that once again top billing there but can't believe. 25 year no it isn't about that film that still resonates with folks is that. I don't know many adults you know you are what you settle for and I think it's a very romantic. Right I mean it's kind of a romanticized. Road trip movie but then because it was us that ended up being something. More significant the. Ending really. I'm. Cost quite a reaction when you guys are in yourself for those people who don't remember here's a reminder. You think about the ending about going over. The clown anyway for me. I that's the first thing I said is after you test the state of the changes they're both going to be a club matter something what's gonna happen and in nannies I know you looked up pulling data not sure about her. He said and then by the end immediately I have never finish and by the end it kind of earned the right to both of us to vote reason you might push her out at the last minute but. Actually cool and an we only have like one take two they shot the helicopters all day long and hard me and then as a subtle as coming down. We had like one take. With sports equal time it just talk a little about the guys in the film. Brad Pitt that was the first time many Basilan whole slew of people who don't go this yeah. And I wasn't sure it George Clooney didn't realize that he owned ran apart. You know this is kit direction in this but. I was on a plane next to George Clooney by happenstance. And and were chatting and he says you know I hit that Graham had. So you don't use different exits knowing him because he got the part of bumbling and it's where you interested in their party's think we'll couldn't you tell what I read we really good. Detect. Yeah. I don't know if good girl. I don't know didn't Liaoning. But yeah I'm tell it when you know I'm Rick I remembered when I didn't leave with them. Let's let's into the that's what's your I would know that. Gone gotten what did you send. I've said on its and I felt that really good wouldn't minute but now I'm admitting it Holler. The everybody thought okay this is gonna change that landscape for women in Hollywood right. Didn't happen and I know Tina you've been doing a lot of work with that would be instituted in studying that every few years there's a movie comes out that does well. And people say well now everything's changed now it's all changed just like homilies and and it really hasn't there's been no. Movement in the needle. Since 1946. And that could. All are all involved and other projects so all the mettler. And you saw it I Columbia accident first of all the joy the accent you nailed don't know why did she really doesn't feel yeah and you really live up you take that name but the movie so hard you metal and everybody not just your child's life whatever an imam at the moms should find this funny. I wanted to ask you do you do you are you and your children's lives. Yeah yeah that's my job embarrassed some metal in their lives absolutely independent. But it yeah I mean it and it could be called good intentions it's not just it's all good things and not a bad thing. I'm Kelly is Susan Spellman Nadler is a hoop it's in theaters right now could talk with them all morning long. 45 years for the time go back and will be hard to believe Robin think keystone alliance.

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{"duration":"4:12","description":"Robin Roberts sits down with actors Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis to commemorate the film's anniversary.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38723625","title":"Stars Reunite for 'Thelma & Louise' 25th Anniversary ","url":"/GMA/video/stars-reunite-thelma-louise-25th-anniversary-38723625"}