States Add New Regulations

As the new year begins, many new laws go into effect.
2:28 | 01/01/12

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Transcript for States Add New Regulations
Every year -- January 1 thousands of new laws go into -- in cities and states across the country from taxes to immigration. The fireworks -- used to celebrate the fourth of July these laws will impact. Just about every aspect of our allies and ABC's David Curley is in Washington on this New Year's Day with a look at some of that new regulations we're gonna have to live with David good morning happy -- year. Have between twelve you -- you know 40000. Bills were introduced across the country in different legislatures last year thousands are new laws as of today and a couple of them. Cover an issue that is in the top five issues for most Americans. States are taking matters into their own hands on immigration policy today new laws go into effect in South Carolina and Georgia and already Alabama's law is causing. Controversy that the federal government would do their job. Like they should be doing. States would not have capacity of these -- these states are doing -- -- -- hits on goods and Supreme Court later this year. Which could turn all these efforts on their head. States are very frustrated by the lack of action. On this issue from the federal government and they really have no choice gay rights are getting a boost today California starting to include the role of gays and other social and ethnic groups. In history classes and textbooks board. Denying our students -- very important chapter in history chapter of civil rights actress Bo Derek has to be happy this morning she helped pass a ban on a soup. I shot populations have been decimated -- 73 million a year so no shark fin -- starting today in California and Oregon. Also today the Golden State is banning children from getting a golden -- inside. A new tanning bed ban on anyone under the age of eighteen that's great because -- 80% of our -- damage occurs before age eighteen. And reason to celebrate in Michigan if you like fireworks for years residents have been banned from bottle rockets and bigger blast. Many would travel to surrounding states to buy their fireworks. Today they can buy at home -- -- fourth. It's -- fireworks pacts with the place. Now I don't know if there is a lobby for young children but in California that got to be some kids who are too happy there's a new law today that says they have to stay in their booster seats until there eight years old. Or four feet nine inches tall. The and I think -- -- -- girls who -- really. Unhappy and -- -- and if there was this stage have a lobby for young kids I do think that would be California California all right David having media and the great to see you.

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{"id":15268518,"title":"States Add New Regulations","duration":"2:28","description":"As the new year begins, many new laws go into effect.","url":"/GMA/video/states-add-regulations-15268518","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}