Statins Work Just As Well for Women As Men

Dr. Richard Besser discusses a new study about preventing heart disease in women
2:04 | 01/31/12

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Transcript for Statins Work Just As Well for Women As Men
Big health news for women this morning. A new study shows that Staten as the drugs used by one of four adults. Worked just as well in women as and then now this is major news because doctors are more likely to prescribe stands for man. After -- investor is here with more. Heart disease and number one killer that's -- -- that's could be that this is the first study looking its patents for women I mean it's a price. This is really big news and as the authors put it when it comes to status which could for the gander is good for the -- In the big surprises that you -- within that one killer in women none of the studies have been done to date. Had enough women in them to be able to -- -- the question. So here they combine all of the studies have been done that allow them to look at 40000 women. And they found that stat -- decrease the risk of heart disease stroke and death. In women just as well as in men and remind us again why stands work so well will they do a number of things have reduced your cholesterol. They also reduce inflammation in your blood vessels and by doing that he reduces your risk of heart attack and and stroke. So if -- that -- worked so well women have been announced number one killer frost why I have we've been less likely to be described of the -- I mean. A lot of doctors want to see evidence and so why you know not all drugs work as well in in men in and women and so. Without having a study that said in women they work as well the side effects of the same. Some doctors were hesitant I think coming out of this study we're gonna see more doctors prescribing equally to not sure about the side effects from -- Well it doesn't that get this study doesn't answer fully the questions side effects and I hope the -- said he will be done until it. To look at that as well I would imagine -- price for weapons of talk to their doctors yeah I mean what you -- -- do ask about I never like to ask for drug ask for the best treatment for four what you have. And so it's looking at what you risk factors are this includes you do you have -- are you a smoker. You have obesity diabetes high blood pressure and the big one does it -- in your family and two runs in your family you want to make sure that your dressing that. Always know your family history that's right and now. Stands for men and -- right thanks for it.

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{"id":15478019,"title":"Statins Work Just As Well for Women As Men","duration":"2:04","description":"Dr. Richard Besser discusses a new study about preventing heart disease in women","url":"/GMA/video/statins-work-women-men-preventing-heart-disease-15478019","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}