Stephanie Madoff Mack Tells Her Story

Bernie Madoff's daughter-in-law discusses her new book, "The End of Normal."
6:02 | 10/24/11

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Transcript for Stephanie Madoff Mack Tells Her Story
Deafening -- Mack joins us now know is very difficult for you to know. Watchable down with Chris and you would soon learn in the world would -- -- took his life when -- down there. At Disney World. -- you also talk about the mark before. His father told him what He had done what was more like. Black way is me nicest guy He way is. The most devoted father He would is so sweet He. Had -- Beautiful smile and bright eyes and He truly was my best friends and -- then you write beautifully about that Stephanie in this house sensitive. He was and we should reiterate again there has been no proof whatsoever. Your husband had anything to do with his father's scheme but yet He. He internalized so much and He even changed physically after this didn't He did -- I mean now I look at photos of Marc. Before Bernie confessed his crimes and after and He just looks like a different -- to -- -- found. After Bernie confessed to him in his -- He. Just physically changed He was hunched over alive He -- through -- and beard He wore glasses that He didn't have to you. He was destroyed. And you reached out to -- who was in jail at the time you wrote him a letter -- -- down because you point him I do and noticed him on how to be responsible living room. Thumb along my -- started off actually as a condolence notes and then I -- and then it got very angry and I told him how I felt. And his response was. That He felt you know very bad for himself. A very sort of narcissistic. Response -- -- He felt bad for He felt bad for him. I know you share the thoughts of many He built. So many out of billions of dollars. And how you feel about your father in law now. I will never forget him like He did to so many lives to so many family -- to my own family and to my husband and -- never forget him. Ruth Madoff who. And and reading Stephanie. I can see we're conflict did a little -- fact that -- toward the end of the book -- wrote I do still think of -- often I don't regret my decision all. To honor marks wishes but I wonder if I will ever face -- again my heart softens. And hard because -- if your husband had nothing to do no contact with his mother a father. After his father revealed what He had done. Now I mean He Ruth did share son emails back and forth but. Right before mark took his life He he'd just He wrote his mom an email saying He just was not. Ready to to see her yet and you know I'm a mother I can't imagine. That pain -- must be in right now. After losing a sign but some of the choices she made I really have a difficult time understanding some of the choices she made no doubt did she. Love mark very much site. Unfortunately I feel that she might have loved -- anymore. And chose him and chose him in some still question Stephanie whether or not she knew. If she knew about this thing I don't think we've made on them -- mind. -- She. She's not the -- She's not a villain she did not know she just made some bad choice. Since. This is -- the first family member to step up -- -- this has been very difficult and Henry -- I. -- and. And and part because you know people who lost millions and and so much more money and they're just so angry they hear the name Madoff and they automatically. Assume something and you want it to come out. -- -- now. I wanted to. I really wanted to give marketplace. And I really wanted to give my children something to read when they're old enough to understand what happened to their dad I want them to be able to -- the truth. Com and that's really why I wrote this book and it's the response has been amazing and it really makes me mismarked even more because he's not here to share. That feedback that I think -- did ask about them. The children yes they ask about him every day. They look at pictures of him every day they dropped pictures for him every day I keep I'm memory book -- I write about in the bucket in the -- remember about. And I just write down things that I remember about mark I write down funny things they say about -- art and it'll be nice for them to have. I know that you send your son just recently has been asking them. More and more goodness these two and a half -- yeah. There are two of the two and three quarters here he'll beat Houston now he'll be three in February. And He just started. Increased school and -- All -- -- -- talking up a storm and he's starting to say that -- assistance to at a very much. But you prove that life goes on that when things happen to -- its that's how we reacted how. We move on and some people are asking Mac. It's not your maiden name mountain and you have a remarried now and so. How did you come up with a -- Mac along. Mark and I decided to take. The M. From -- an ACK -- the Nantucket airport code which is the place we've loved it got almost. And that's how we came up with any Mac that -- didn't it does have meaning hands. This is your life Stephanie thank you thank you tell you for -- someone else and so many thank you very all the best team think investing.

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{"id":14801675,"title":"Stephanie Madoff Mack Tells Her Story","duration":"6:02","description":"Bernie Madoff's daughter-in-law discusses her new book, \"The End of Normal.\"","url":"/GMA/video/stephanie-madoff-mack-tells-story-14801675","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}