Steubenville Rape Case: Teenage Girl Expected to Testify

Two high school football players stand accused of sexually assaulting the young woman.
2:56 | 03/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Steubenville Rape Case: Teenage Girl Expected to Testify
We turn to the story that divided the small ohio community of steubenville. A teenage girl allegedly assaulted by two high school football players. They're on trial today and she is expected to testify. Alex perez joins us with the latest. Reporter: Good morning, good morning, bianna prosecutors called more than 20 witnesses already including a number of teenagers around the night of the alleged incident. Please rise. Reporter: Nearly 12 hours of testimony in court friday including from a fellow big red football player who admitted to using his iphone to record video of the16-year-old girl during parts of the alleged sexual assault and then deleting the video the following day. It was one of those moments you realize you did something wrong and stupid, he said on the witness stand so I deleted it. Trent mayes and malik richmond are charged with sexually assaulting the girl after a night of wild partying last august. Prosecutors argue the girl was too drunk to give coming sent. The defense argues that mayes and richmond did not commit rape that night. A friend testified she received a text two days after the alleged incident where the accuser described not even knowing sagetly what happened. I wake up naked like I seriously have no memory at all. It's scary not knowing. Another testified he saw her unresponsive on the floor during the alleged incident. She wasn't moving, she wasn't talking. She wasn't participating, he said. Mayes and richmond were both considered standouts on the steubenville big red football team. The case ignited a national firestorm on social media after this picture went viral. Mayes and richmond carrying the 16-year-old girl who appears to be unconscious by her hands and feet. Then ts youtube video with someone who hadn't witnessed the alleged incident talking about it. 18-year-old evan wesley recorded it and can be heard laughing in the background. He testified he did witness some of the alleged sexual assault. He says he regrets posting the video and initially making light of what he saw. I felt I owed some people some apologies and I did have to do some things to fix it. And the 16-year-old girl herself could be called as a witness as testimony continues today and could run through the weekend. If necessary. Dan and bianna. Alex, thank you. Great to have dan abrams here as our legal analyst. How important is the alleged victim's testimony. Typically it's absolutely crucial. In this case it's not as important because she doesn't remember exactly what happened. This is a case where the investigation was spurred in large part through social media in large part based on that photo you saw and other people's accounts of what happened. That is actually more important than even her testimony. Itself. As we said it has divided that small town. Absolutely. This is still a juvenile case, though. Juvenile court judge. They could face prison time up to or at actually juvenile detention center until they're 21 years old.

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{"id":18744668,"title":"Steubenville Rape Case: Teenage Girl Expected to Testify","duration":"2:56","description":"Two high school football players stand accused of sexually assaulting the young woman.","url":"/GMA/video/steubenville-rape-case-teenage-girl-expected-testify-18744668","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}