Steve Harvey Gives Advice on 'GMA'

The king of comedy talks about his book, "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man."
5:23 | 11/29/11

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Transcript for Steve Harvey Gives Advice on 'GMA'
It has been way too long since our friend Steve Harvey stop by for a visit but the man is busy this king of comedy is becoming king of all media. For -- -- morning radio show host and family feud is best selling book like a lady think like the man out in paperback now seem to be a movie. Steve -- could -- hundred. -- -- -- Here pretty blessed right now is pretty -- period -- -- can tell you about this you know the book is doing so well has done so well off three million. -- not even out in paperback and. Suddenly it really a lot of people are getting a lot out of -- and now a movie. I -- -- -- so this is a pretty good turn around you know you write a book that of course does these -- -- unexpected numbers. Just due to -- you know and beyond my wildest dreams -- him for deter Iran become a movie. I was -- -- you're -- didn't give us a little clips of people and get a flavor for what's coming up in March. Women had had enough what does it probably many of his generation ladies who you understand the moderates it makes you -- never -- we have -- getting through. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now one book is changing the but -- short term costs 300 calls -- -- -- easily relationship movie go from. Do we a lot of fun yeah it is -- -- -- -- 25 minute teaser for the movie it's really really good. -- but what to -- part about it really goes into the book it really takes time to really get into what the book is about. And they've done it in -- you know romantic comedies -- funny but he stays true to the bookstore like it -- quick take handsome some -- controversies -- news. These days what is Herman case it -- say when he calls on this morning. Herman -- hurricane gets brought you don't -- Company quit talking to women period. Basic interviewing he's stops -- -- pizza -- -- and wounded at least optics. -- over the age limit to take I think he realizes that he's he's lazy on the over unease here you do it is an act does not good presidential. -- You know attitude at all this network could prevail Demi and Ashton I guess not surprise -- I don't know maybe -- I think that because when you're famous. I think is a lot more difficult to work out your marital issues just as no personal time to say I'm sorry there's no personal time to say let's work duties. You could own TV your own TV all you Floridians are mentioning that to you all over the social media. I think it's horrible you know -- I mean you know he's a young guy. And he -- he -- he's got a lot going on meanwhile Kim Kardashian. Calls it quits after seventeen days. -- I've had women that talked to me for 73 days we work through that. So what I don't. They're called it quits after seventy about me that's not even get rid of the register it wasn't real to Begin you know our -- -- -- is it really really zero in on me love makes you fight a little bit harder to meet. You know I could be wrong and it could have been madly in love and just have to send me three days fell out of this all of -- really. That link says that all of us here Michael army unit -- you read -- -- you've -- just to -- would distribute through days of his life -- Heidi I would not marry are you remodel. -- -- -- OK let's get some advice for some viewers back home what we got one from nine email from Sophia Gutierrez. She says I am newly divorced after 25 years I'm 45 years old with three children 1213 and eighteen. Starting -- over and being single it's been -- challenge summing things have changed. What advice can -- Well I mean she's married -- true statement a lot of stuff Christian because not a so -- media so online dating is what's really. Out there and I mean doesn't have vanished today sought think she's going had to give brushed up on that because it goes out of -- way to do -- now this is a way to cut through some of the crap. You can still to this guy out without having to waste in the evening of your life for the date with just lose or all vice Versa so give it to the social media learn a little bit. Feel some of these guys out. But nothing's -- -- replaced old fashioned. Sit down face to face and feel secure mystery you gonna have to always keep -- old school being going by the and lay the ground work first you have me you've got to get into -- new stuff Crystal City. My partner and I are both overweight we both want to -- it. However my partner wants to get weight loss surgery and I want to lose weight the natural -- exercise diet and lifestyle changes. Get any suggestions on how we can come to common ground. -- -- -- There -- some risk involved in the surgery so I think that's a little recourse would -- -- -- to sit down -- just turn it -- didn't look. We're gonna do this together we're gonna win together to get to gallon US side. You -- guys like a dog you know you've got to try to treat them you know it's a big -- if we didn't we do this exercise -- I think -- -- your total touches it makes me. Sort of got going to toe -- -- something that's. Did you get the reward for -- -- dual exercise with union you don't have to spend money on the sort of human Josh -- a -- like dogs -- partly thanks very much help we have a lot more vise and Steve Harvey on our website Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo!.

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{"duration":"5:23","description":"The king of comedy talks about his book, \"Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15046801","title":"Steve Harvey Gives Advice on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/steve-harvey-advice-gma-discusses-book-act-lady-15046801"}