Steve Jobs: The Man Behind The Mystery

New book is set to expose many unknown secrets about beloved tech leader.
2:41 | 10/22/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Steve Jobs: The Man Behind The Mystery
A fascinating behind the scenes look at Steve Jobs the very private man behind the company that. In fact -- so many of our lives there's a new book coming out soon that talks about a blunt meeting. -- jobs had with President Obama and reveals some of jobs tough words for everybody from Google to the rock star John Mayer. Ron is back with more on that -- up. -- -- coming out next week and -- sat down for forty interviews with its authorized biographer and really opened up reflect on his own life and legacy. And offering some pretty harsh opinions and assessments -- not just about the president but just about everyone else who ever crossed his path. Whoever crossed him. For the first -- getting a glimpse into the private world of the man behind the mock turtleneck the new book simply titled Steve Jobs. Recounts in vivid details about jobs -- life. -- feelings about success politics and his fiercest competitors. And apple is going -- reinvents. The fall. The tech giant was livid over Google's efforts to copy the iPhone -- its android software. And jobs remain committed to spending his last dying breath to right this wrong. Adding that He was going to destroy android because it's a stolen product and a meeting two years ago between jobs and President Obama almost didn't happen at first Apple's visionary leader balked at sitting down with the president -- the president personally invited him. Obama did not. And jobs ended up meeting the president at a San Francisco hotel in the fall of 2010 it was there that the prickly blunt speaking jobs told Obama you're headed for a one term presidency. -- because according to the highly anticipated biography -- said the Obama administration was not sufficiently business friendly. And that big business was handcuffed. Too many regulations. And unnecessary costs it. Jobs also complained about rock star John -- praising the guitar virtuoso. But be -- that mayor was out of control and -- his words blowing it big time. The -- reportedly does not say why jobs felt that way jobs also meditated on his legacy saying. I've done a lot of things I'm not proud of but I don't have any skeletons in my closet that can't be allowed out. At a book also reveals their jobs declined to have surgery that might have helped them in his battle against pancreatic cancer because He thought the operation would be too invasive. -- months later as He was dying He did have an operation but by then. It was too late and He told Isaacson but He always had a sense that He would not live a long life was in a hurry to accomplish as much as He could. As fast as He could and He did they certainly gives Ron Claiborn thanks again.

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{"id":14791984,"title":"Steve Jobs: The Man Behind The Mystery","duration":"2:41","description":"New book is set to expose many unknown secrets about beloved tech leader.","url":"/GMA/video/steve-jobs-man-mystery-14791984","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}