Steve Martin's Fans, 'Creepy Guy' Featured in Book

Comedian releases a new book of his favorite tweets, and his fans' reactions.
4:35 | 02/22/12

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Transcript for Steve Martin's Fans, 'Creepy Guy' Featured in Book
Steve Martin is a musician and comedian actor. And author and well -- far too many things to provide a full accounting Gillespie run out of time for the actual interview but specifically. He's also an avid Tweeter recently tweeting in fact if I can't think of anything interest -- to say I'll just say it on Twitter his latest venture. Naturally a book of tweets and it's called the ten. No make that nine habits of very organized people make that. Ten all the delivery -- -- leave -- to -- to -- Steve -- good enough to join -- Steve good morning to you thank -- very happy to be yourself I -- I had to be -- rather reluctantly. To Twitter when you first heard of this grand. Idea what did you think I thought it was a ridiculous. Why would you why how what could you say in a 140 characters for me I guess it became an exercise and -- to the as a writer what was it for you. Well I I actually thought he was going to be a commercial venture. The meaning I could talk about projects I was doing. And kind of promote things and then I quickly disbanded that. Because -- found that people that they're just completely uninteresting to the extent you have two. Yes jump in what do you find that there interest it and -- comedy and I found in my in my case that they like contributing to the jokes are so -- five. By rights in the funny don't write a reply that's funny and I I just died I think that's great and it's reflected in the book -- we use a lot of people's responses to -- dismay U. Win. Somebody -- some random follower he may have a better. One -- that you -- -- doesn't bother me at all. It is tell it how how often are why we are between at this point is -- the whole. It varies now for awhile it was every day. And or sometimes 34 times a day and and now I just do it. We have something funny to say as opposed to earlier on. You also involves your wife often and I -- spot but only as a character industrials analysis sometimes -- -- -- and -- it it could just because we're for real time involvement however to a degree. Well I I I really make up a lot of stuff I create an artificial world that I. That I live in a I really are really try not to expose my personal private life too -- I don't know how you fit everything you do into it 24 hour day but the book. How did this book come about what exactly is the -- -- that the book is a collected best which obviously is not very good. It's I noticed after awhile. That in some sort of looking back at it you know I'm very critical of my own work but -- this some -- that I thought -- this is pretty funny and not only. Worse with some of it pretty funny but the responses were very funny and they were making me laugh and I would go into my wife and as they listen to this listen to this. And I sort of thinking that there were there were also little stories being told a little narratives narratives being told. And I started to think about it in terms of a book only after was completely written. It is sort of people sourced to a degree one of the people -- I want to ask you don't be -- today's -- bid one point two days we just want to make creeping gotten every you want something done and the house featured I have. Creepy guy is a man who looks vaguely familiar yes actually someone sent me -- I don't know if it's a fan but someone sent me an artistically made. Green -- hammer. And I thought it was a very fine object and I looked at -- for a long time I think data for two years I finally got thoughts on the views of former that this is group beautiful Green wax hammer. And I. Had a -- from old movie lying around and -- it. Got dressed up and have my wife kicked up photo so I'd live to ensure that people there -- -- there has. I know people I'm sure always ask -- Given that you have also many interest by the way there is. There was a treated but it that was the last thing bin Laden -- coming one -- -- call creepy guys you know whatever you need something guidance. What is what is next what's -- ticketed tickle your well -- -- -- this summer start another -- -- tour with the Steve can. -- Rangers and we'll travel around the country and we do music and comedy show that's going very very well I was really enjoyed doing -- -- of back of my roots. Doing comedy and music and. It's great great to have -- again it's the ten make that nine habits very organized people know. Make that ten between steadily C title of Steve Martin again Steve thank thanks so it fits in a 140 character -- which is what's the point -- -- very very much Steve.

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{"id":15765091,"title":"Steve Martin's Fans, 'Creepy Guy' Featured in Book","duration":"4:35","description":"Comedian releases a new book of his favorite tweets, and his fans' reactions.","url":"/GMA/video/steve-martins-fans-creepy-guy-featured-book-15765091","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}